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Many people think that all newspaper logos are the same: archaic type in basic black and white. However, a closer look reveals that there are differences—some subtle, but others very bold—that communicate important information about the publication. With many print publications being rendered obsolete by television and internet news, branding and media logo design have become increasingly important to keeping circulation and profits up. The following ten newspaper logos represent ten of the best in the field.

1. New York Times Logo Design

New York Times Logo Design
This newspaper represents one of the largest publication in the company, so it only makes sense that the logo would be among the best as well. This logo is the gold standard of newspaper logo designs, with lettering done in ornate calligraphy in a stark, straightforward black and white color scheme. The tagline below, ‘Expect the World’, tells potential readers that this newspaper focuses on news from all over the globe while also emphasizing high quality.

2. Delaware Wave Logo Design

Delaware Wave Logo Design
While the times succeeds by following all of the rules, the Delaware Wave is equally successful by breaking the rules. We see the black and white colors again, but this time offset by a calming sea blue that ties into the name. The writing is rounded and friendly, suggesting a very different type of newspaper. The wave below the writing, as well as the one coming off of the letter W both, imply movement and positive change, which also suggests that this newspaper is better than average.

3. USA Today Logo Design

USA Today Logo Design
Again we see calming blue, this time with a high contrast white. However, the thick letters in all upper case create a very substantial, strong image. The globe that makes up the image suggest that, despite the name of the newspaper, it includes news from all over the world. The lines coming off the globe suggest a change, which certainly is an accurate representation of our fast-paced world. The overall message is that this newspaper offers a friendly window on a constantly changing planet.

4. Humor Times Logo Design

Humor Times Logo Design
It’s only appropriate that a newspaper offering a comedic commentary on the news has a very different logo than its more serious counterparts. This newspaper bucks the trend by having attention-grabbing red lettering in a fun, curvy shape that is reminiscent of a comic book. The colorful bulls-eye image not only draws in the eye; it also adds to the friendly feeling of the logo design by adding circular shapes to the logo. This logo perfectly portrays the differences between this newspaper and its competitors.

5. Atlanta Journal-Constitution Logo Design

Atlanta Journal Constitution Logo Design
This newspaper also has a very different logo design from most. Instead of lettering, there is an image of a friendly circle in a calming sea blue. The initials of the newspaper are enclosed in the circle in rounded, lower case letters that are friendly and inclusive. As with the USA Today logo, this one suggests that this is a welcoming and pleasant take on the news of the day.

6. La Voz Logo Design

La Voz Logo Design
This Arizona newspaper specializes in news relating to the Hispanic community in the area. Like many other newspapers, this one soothes readers with a calming blue color. Although there are both lower and upper case letters, they are all the same size and slightly angled to give a feeling of movement and change. The name of the state along with an eye-catching red circle enclosing a gold star, which suggests excellence while also referring to the state in which the newspaper is published.

7. Financial Times Logo Design

Financial Times Logo Design
This newspaper is different from the average, but it still follows many classic rules of logo design. The upper case letters in a font with serifs is definitely newsy and serious, while the square shape communicates a sense of tradition and straightforwardness. The initials of the company take center stage. The only unorthodox part of the logo design is the flesh color, which is definitely unusual both in fintech and in journalism.

8. Petroleum News Logo Design

Petroleum News Logo Design
This newspaper specializes in news related to the petroleum industry, which is very significant in its logo design. At a time when many companies in this industry are trying to appear more environmentally sensitive, the dark earthy green is definitely significant. The newsy font is relevant because it suggests journalism, while the small wave-like shape at the bottom left creates a feeling of movement and change that is definitely relevant in an ever-changing industry.

9. Politiken Logo Design

Politiken Logo Design
This Danish newspaper logo is significant because it shows that newspapers in other parts of the world often follow the same rules as those in the United States. Bold lettering in all upper case letters offers a substantial feeling that is complimented by the serious black color. The red underlining draws in the eye while also making the wording appear even more substantial. It’s hard to view this logo and not assume that the newspaper in question is a leader in their field, which is exactly the image that the company is trying to portray.

10. Houston Chronicle Logo Design

Houston Chronicle Logo Design
This newspaper also uses bold, thick writing to give a sense of strength, but this is tempered by the rounded, sans-serif writing. A gold star between the two words implies excellence—remember getting a gold star on an assignment in grammar school?—while adding a splash of color. As a bonus, a star is also relevant to the Lone Star state in which the newspaper is published. This strong image is attractive and relevant at the same time.
What does this look at newspaper logo designs tell us? First, that while black and white are thought of as the gold standard of this genre, other colors can be used with great success. Second, that shape can be used in newspaper logos to communicate a very specific brand image, which is true of all logo design. If your business also needs an attractive, communicative logo that perfectly represents your brand, talk to a logo design specialist today.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.