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If you are like most Americans, you encounter these logos every day on everything from reams of paper to correction tape. However, most people don’t stop and think about them, which may be why they are so successful. Millions of people reach for these brand names without even thinking about it, showing just how important office printing logos can be.

1. Bic Logo Design

Bic Logo Design
Bic has taken the strategy of appealing to their market by creating a character to represent their brand, in this case, a little person in an old fashioned school uniform with a ball-point roller instead of a head. The name to the right is enclosed in a square, which is made more friendly by gently curving the edges. The bold letters create a substantial feeling that is balanced by the angle of the shape, which gives a sense of movement. The yellow is bright and commonly used in office supply logo design.

2. Post-It Office Supply Logo Design

Post-It Office Supply Logo Design
Because the well-known yellow sticky notes are the hallmark product of this company, they make an appropriate image for this office supply logo design. Not only is the yellow color appropriate for the product, it is also sunny and positive while attracting attention. The square shape implies reliability and straightforwardness, which is appropriate for the industry leader in this area. The writing is bold and plain, implying strength while allowing all of the emphasis to fall on the image. No one could see this logo and not recognize the product it represents.

3. Pilot Logo Design

Pilot Logo Design
This brand is a leader in writing implements, which makes the bold writing very appropriate for the logo design. Again we see a square to imply reliability, but this time, there is a wave-like shape in front of the square. Because wavy images imply movement and positive change, the implication is that this brand and its products are constantly improving. This simple and straightforward logo is memorable because of its simple, clean lines.

4. Quartet Logo Design

Quartet Logo Design
This brand makes a variety of office supplies, a logo that doesn’t refer specifically to products is very appropriate here. The name is written in a thin, rounded font, which gives a friendly feeling and implies that the products are easy to use. The wave-like shapes that make up the ‘Q’ imply movement and make the company feel like an innovator. The blue is calming and serene to underscore the friendly image, while the yellow is happy and pulls in the attention of viewers. This logo design is simple yet powerful, which may be why the brand is so popular despite a lack of marketing and advertising.

5. Woodlore Logo Design

Woodlore Logo Design
This company specializes in office furniture, so there are many elements that suggest this is a higher quality choice. The name of the company is written in rounded, lower case letters to make the brand seem more user-friendly and comfortable. The presence of the word ‘wood’ in the name along with the tree in the image suggest strength and imply that this furniture is made of real wood, which helps the brand differentiate from the plastic and particle board creations that dominate the industry. The way the tree arises from the D and L of the name combined with the horizontal lines through the image gives a slightly more modern feeling, while the black color palette of this logo design suggests simplicity and sophistication.

6. Day-Timer Logo Design

Day-Timer Logo Design
Millions of office professionals use this brand to stay organized and make good use of their time, so an old-fashioned stopwatch makes an appropriate image for this logo design. The rounded square that is the key shape creates a balance between straightforwardness and inclusiveness, suggesting a highly functional product that is nonetheless easy to use. The simple, “newsy” print in all upper case letters adds to this straightforward image. This logo design suggests that this product is a basic device for planning your workday, which is exactly what the brand is trying to say.

7. Smead Logo Design

Smead Logo Design
This brand is definitely designed to appeal to a female market, with a bright purple and hot pink color scheme. The sharp edged square and upper case writing contribute to an image of straightforwardness and functionality, while the three lines in the square subtly resemble file folders. The tagline below the logo design hints at the company’s product line and makes a very appealing promise to keep office workers organized.

8. Avery Logo Design

Avery Logo Design
This well-known label maker chooses to use a triangle instead of a square in their logo design to differentiate themselves with a hint at the brand’s strength and reliability. The patriotic red, white and blue color scheme adds to this suggestion of strength, as does the bold, plain writing in a thick font without a lot of curves or frills.

9. Dymo Logo Design

Dymo Logo Design
This brand diverts from the average office supply logo design with a calming, sky blue color and a very different shape. Instead of a square or a triangle, the image is round and friendly, with pages of white paper arranged in an attractive configuration. The writing is also rounded, while the slightly angled font gives a feeling of movement.

10. Fiskars Logo Design

Fiskars Logo Design
This logo design diverts from the usual office supply logo design in several ways. Although the combination of rectangular and wavy shapes is present, it is arranged so that the waves are actually part of the rectangle. Instead of yellow and black, a more youthful orange and black are used. This is appropriate because orange is generally associated with youth, and Fiskars is well-known for making not just office supplies but school supplies as well. The square letters are also round, adding to the overall balance of an otherwise well-balanced logo design.
As you can see, while all of these logos are different, they tend to use similar shapes and colors in their logos. Color and shape definitely make a statement about a company and its field. Professional logo designers know how to harness this power and use it to your advantage, creating a logo that speaks to customers in a language more potent than words.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.