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Many people have heard of Web 2.0 logos, but few understand exactly what the Web Application Logo genre entails. As with many forms of graphic art, this type of logo design is best understood by examining a few of its best examples. The following software logos are excellent specimens of this unique and white-hot type of logo.

1. Rollyo Logo Design

Rollyo Logo Design
This logo design is a good example of Web Application Logo designs, with the ultra-rounded shapes and simple lettering that are important in this genre. A circle is shown being unrolled, which directly relevant to the name. The red and white colors of this image are not just eye-catching, but also form a bulls-eye. The letters are rounded in friendly, which is common in Web Application Logos, although they are all upper case to add a little weight to the image.

2. Twitter Logo Design

Twitter Logo Design
Bluebirds are commonly associated with happiness, but that may not have been the creators’ intent when having this Web Application Logo designed. The blue is calming and serene, suggesting a user-friendly experience, while the bird relates to the name of the company. The result is a cute little bluebird logo, which shows two other common themes in Online Web Application Logos: all lower case letters and decidedly adorable images, both of which help to create a friendly feeling that can be very beneficial to an internet company.

3. Basecamp Logo Design

Basecamp Logo Design
This project management tool’s logo design is another good example of an Online Web Application logo. First, the rounded, thin black writing that is so common in this genre is present. A mountain-like image is shown in an earthy green, with a serene blue color for the sky in what appears to be a snow globe. The sense that this company’s product takes something large and puts it in the palm of your hand cannot be escaped, which makes it a successful logo. The bright colors, fun image, and distinct writing style make it a successful Online Web Application logo.

4. Wetpaint Logo Design

Wetpaint Logo Design
This company offers collaborative websites that are uniquely people-oriented. The shades of green are organic and bright, while the thin, rounded lower case letters are seen here once again. The W is clearly made up of three human figures, adding the human side that differentiates both this company and this type of logo design.

5. tagCloud Logo Design

tagCloud Logo Design
Clouds are often seen as a negative image, but there is nothing gloomy about this fluffy, happy cloud with the sunshine peeking around the corner. If you look closely at the cloud, it is also shaped like a bubble from cartoons used to show a character’s words and thoughts, implying that this is a venue for expression. The light blue color of the cloud implies a sunny day, while the yellow is bright and cheerful. This image is directly relevant to the company name and the product. The rounded writing is a mixture of upper and lower case in a slightly darker color of sky blue.

6. Squidoo Logo Design

Squidoo Logo Design
This website offers ‘lenses’ that are basically a mini-website on a single topic. This logo relates directly to this and the name, with a small squid bearing a single large eye. However, rather than being menacing, the image is fun and non-threatening. The orange is youthful and fun, while the blue of the name itself is calming. Although all upper case letters are used, the letters are rounded to give a friendly image. The tagline below is playful, which is another key aspect of internet logos.

7. Bebo Logo Design

Bebo Logo Design
This social networking site has a fun, youthful edge that is created by rounded, lower case letters that are nonetheless distinctly modern. The circle around the B makes it appear to be a computer icon, which directly relates to the line of business. The red color is eye-catching and bright, which is typical of Online Web Application logos, while the circle around the first letter creates an inclusive feeling. While this Web 2.0 logo does not have an image, it nonetheless is a very good example of an Online Web Application logo.

8. Nativetext Logo Design

Nativetext Logo Design
This text-translating tool has a logo that suggests that the text is as natural as, well, a plant. The logo is simply the company name written in all lower case text that is as friendly as can be, with a reedy looking plant as the V. This combined with the green and gray that are the two primary colors create a very natural image indeed, which is exactly the image that this company is trying to portray.

9. DimeWise Logo Design

DimeWise Logo Design
This financial tool is used primarily by small businesses to help them track expenses. The logo, however, has almost nothing to do with money. Instead, several square shapes form a mosaic, which is sometimes seen in Online Web Application logos. The square shapes give the logo a feeling of solidity and seriousness that is rare in this genre. However, the rest of the logo, from the thin, rounded writing to the playful, modern color palette, is very typical of this type of logo. The tagline below has a clever play on words, showing the humor that typically infuses Online Web Application logos.

10. Ubuntu Logo Design

Ubuntu Logo Design
Even this is an OS based company, this computer program has another good example of an Online Web Application logo design, with lower case rounded lettering and a friendly design. The image is a circle in warm, friendly colors that are also bright enough to grab attention. The circles at the outer edges of the circle add to this image. The way the circle is split into three parts subtly implies a triangle, which is a common symbol of strength. Clearly, this image manages to incorporate Online Web Application strategies along with a few of the best strategies of classic logo design.
As you can see, Online Web Application logos tend to be friendly, with lower case rounded letters and friendly images in bright colors. However, this is a genre that breaks the rules at every turn. If you think a logo of this kind can help your company succeed, contact us today about creating a logo design that follows these rules while also being uniquely yours.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.