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Organic food is big business in the United States, with more and more people looking for a cleaner, greener alternative to conventional processed foods. While many organic food companies started out as grassroots projects, most now function and market themselves like any other large corporation. This means that branding and food and drink logos are very important. Here are some of the most effective organic food logos on the market along with exactly what they say to the savvy modern consumer.

1. Earthbound Farm Organic Food Logo Design

Earthbound Farm Organic Food Logo Design
This organic produce company has a logo designed to portray important facts about their brand to the public. The logo uses the red and yellow color palette commonly seen in food logos, but with green as well to show their earth friendliness. The generally shape is of a solid, reliable square that encloses a farm scene with a sun setting on the horizon. The message is that this is a normal, dependable farm with a green twist, which is exactly what the company aims to say.

2. Annie’s Organic Food Logo Design

Annie’s Organic Food Logo Design
This brand of organic business and all natural foods offers a logo that is different from most food company logos. The ‘rabbit of approval’ is a fun spin on the seal of approval and ties in to the company’s rabbit-themed mascot character pastas and processed foods. The round shape continues this friendly impression, while the ribbon shape beneath implies excellence. The red and yellow color palette is the only conventional accent, as these colors are commonly seen in the food industry.

3. Eden Organic Organic Food Logo Design

Eden Organic Organic Food Logo Design
This company has chosen a logo that is completely green, in reference to their eco-friendly products. The shape is friendly and inclusive, while the stylized plants inside create symmetry and beauty while communicating the company’s back to nature focus. The wording is in a serious font with serifs, implying that this company means business when it comes to producing healthier, more earth-friendly products.

4. Horizon Organic Food Logo Design

Horizon Organic Food Logo Design
This organic dairy uses an image of our planet to show their ecological orientation rather than the color itself. In a playful touch, a smiling cow mascot design sample is shown jumping over the planet, a spin on a popular nursery rhyme. Showing the cow as clearly happy communicates another reason that many people buy organic dairy products: the generally better treatment of the animals involved. The cow is holding a yellow banner with the words ‘organic’ written on it. The red background is eye catching and different from the whites and blues usually used in dairy products, which makes the carton easy to pick out from the many selections in the dairy case.

5. Newman’s Own Organic Food Logo Design

Newman’s Own Organic Food Logo Design
This organic food company was one of the first, started by iconic actor Paul Newman. Paul Newman is not just a key part of the name, but also the central image of the logo. A ribbon implies excellence, but in this case the writing in the ribbon is more significant, communicating to the socially conscious consumer that all profits from the company go to charity. Tomatoes, a key part of many of the sauces made by Newman’s Own, are displayed on either side of the friendly circle, while a green color reminds customers that this is an earth-friendly product.

6. Square One Vodka Organic Food Logo Design

Square One Vodka Organic Food Logo Design
Organic foods have gained such popularity that it truly was only a matter of time before organic alcoholic products hit the market. This vodka is likely the first of many, but its logo eschews many symbols common to the organic movement and instead portrays the company name in a graphic manner with a square enclosing a number one. The words of the name are wrapped around this square to form another square, tying in to this honest, straightforward shape once again. This artisan product has a professional logo that likely will take it far with vodka drinkers looking for a less conventional choice.

7. Earth’s Best Organic Food Logo Design

Earth’s Best Organic Food Logo Design
This company focuses on organic baby products, but their logo is very different from the average baby logo. Infant images and pastel colors are completely absent. Instead, an image of a traditional farm complete with a red barn is displayed, tying into the all natural products that the company sells. The serrated border of the circle makes it appear to be a seal, implying excellence. The name of the company is written inside a ribbon flowing across the seal, in bright red, bold letters that make it impossible to miss.

8. Blue Buffalo Organic Food Logo Design

Blue Buffalo Organic Food Logo Design
This logo is different from the others, which may be appropriate because the company produces pet foods. The diamond shape connotes value, but also is a trustworthy square turned on its side. Southwestern touches abound, while a generally blue color scheme is both calming and appropriate for the name. The word ‘Blue’ is in large, bold letters, while a small image of a buffalo is placed beneath. Little outside the wording refers to the organic nature of the food, but the logo is eye-catching and unique enough to make up for that.

9. Whole Foods Market Organic Food Logo Design

Whole Foods Market Organic Food Logo Design
As one of the first supermarket chains devoted entirely to natural and organic foods, Whole Foods deserves an honorable mention for having a logo with the longevity to carry the company through several decades more. First, the green color is a classic for this industry. The top 10 eco-friendly company logo is merely the name written to be a rough square shape, with the ‘o’ in ‘whole’ shaped like a fresh fruit with leaves on the stem. This reference to fresh foods is simple and iconic enough to be perfect for this store.

10. USDA Organic Market Organic Food Logo Design

USDA-Organic Market Organic Food Logo Design
No discussion of organic logos in the United States is complete without examining this logo, which is on every single organic product for sale in America. This logo uses almost every tool for communicating an organic food, from the circular, friendly shape to the green color palette. Lines in the green lower half of the circle both communicate movement and appear to be the rows in a crop. The brown outline of the circle emphasizes the closeness to the soil that many organic farmers boast. The writing is thick, but rounded to complete the overall friendly image of the logo.
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