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As we have discussed on top 10 logo design trends of 2009, origami logo designs are a hot trend right now. With more designs and more creative ones, popping up all over the world, we thought this would be a good trend to examine in depth. One of the main strengths of origami logos is that they portray an artisan image that suggests both imagination and attention to detail. Here are ten of the best origami logo designs we have seen lately.

1. Origamia Logo Design

Origamia Logo Design
An origami logo design certainly makes sense for a company specializing in fine papers used for the art. In this case, the image is a fish, which brings up feelings of freedom and beauty. The magenta and bright blue colors add a fun and friendly touch. The writing is thin, but neither extremely rounded nor particularly angular, allowing the focus to remain on the simple beauty of the image.

2. Keen Origami Logo Design

Keen Origami Logo Design
The origami, in this case, is used to create just a small part of the logo design, although the effect is definitely powerful and attractive. In this case, the image suggests that this is a serious and substantial company with a modern edge. The bold, upper case writing in a serious gray gives a highly serious tone to the image that is balanced by the serene, sky blue origami piece that makes up part of the K. The way the origami appears to be pointing upward gives a feeling of movement upward, a positive image for any company.

3. Kite String Studio Logo Design

Kite String Studio Logo Design
This origami logo design is interesting because its image forms neatly folded initials. The logo is given a sophisticated edge by using a black and white color scheme, although the simple rounded lettering definitely adds a friendly feeling. This is a well balanced and attractive image that is among the best in the genre. It gives an artsy image that is definitely complimentary to the company’s brand.

4. El Raco de Catalunya Tapas Bar Logo Design

El Raco de Catalunya Tapas Bar Logo Design
This origami logo design uses this Asian art form to bring up images of a very different part of the world, with a distinctly Spanish bull created from paper. This suggests a fusion of different cultural traditions. The red color gives a feeling of aggression that most people associate with the animal, while also attracting attention. The script that is used for the company name also gives a distinctly Spanish image. The yellow line below counteracts the crisp edges of the origami image while also attracting attention and adding a positive feeling to the logo. This well-balanced logo is highly visible and creates interest in the restaurant.

5. Ideo Origami Logo Design

Ideo Origami Logo Design
What is more suggestive of both fun and flight than a paper airplane? This image brings up feelings of freedom and thinking outside the box. The friendliness of the logo design is complimented by the rounded, lower case writing. Although these themes could have given a juvenile image that might not have been positive for the company, the use of gray as the main color as well as the shadowing below the paper airplane ground the image and give a more adult, business-like feeling.

6. Redfox Logo Design

Redfox Logo Design
This origami logo design is a little different from the others in the image it conveys. The bright red color is not only relevant to the name, it also attracts attention while portraying an image of strength. This aura of strength is further given by the use of triangles to create the origami fox, as these are a common symbol of power and force. The strength of the image is balanced by thin, simple writing that portrays a softer image. This logo is a good example of how traditional principles of graphic design can be combined with a trend to create an image that is timeless and communicative.

7. With Feeling Logo Design

With Feeling Logo Design
This origami logo design at first appears to be the company’s initials created from paper, but the logo also uses other principles of logo design. The wave shape moving through the W and F gives a feeling of freedom and movement that is complimentary to the brand, an impression that is further communicated by the wave the W flows into the F without a distinctive break. The upper case lettering with newsy serifs adds a feeling of seriousness. The olive green and gold colors are both earthy and modern.

8. Maven Logo Design

Maven Logo Design
This origami logo design also uses the power of the triangle to communicate strength and substance, although in a very different manner. This time, the initial of the company is formed from origami, but with distinctive triangular shapes and sharp points. Instead of the simple, rounded lettering that we have seen in other origami logos, Maven uses modern, angular writing to further convey a feeling of power. There is nothing soft or gentle about this logo design, which is congruent with the brand image that the company is trying to portray.

9. Beat-Army Unproject Logo Design

Beat-Army Unproject Logo Design
This origami logo design is all about strength. The triangular shape is very bold and strong, giving a feeling of strength that is balanced by the rounded writing and the off center placement of the entirely lower case word ‘unproject’. The use of thicker letters for this word combined with the use of a period at the end give a sense of finality. The use of color here is interesting: gray is serious, but in the image, it fades to a friendly, calming blue, which suggests that the brand is about moving toward a more colorful existence.

10. Tammy Lenski LLC Logo Design

Tammy Lenski LLC Logo Design
This origami logo design uses color and image to give a feeling of freedom. The crane is not only one of the best-known origami figures; it is also a symbol of freedom and flight. This liberated image is complimented by the highly modern and artistic use of color, in this case, a violet combined with a mossy green. The rounded and thin letters are entirely lower case, giving a friendly and casual feeling that is in keeping with the sentiment portrayed by the image.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.