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Over the counter medications are selling more than a pill or syrup with a prescription from a clinic. They are also selling a solution to many of life’s most vexing problems: headaches, colds, and sleeplessness to name a few. As such, they need a brand that speaks of their strength and healing powers as can be seen with the role of health care logo design. Here are the top ten most compelling over the counter clinical logo designs as well as the elements that make them so successful.

1. Nyquil Logo Design

Nyquil Logo Design
A generation of adults grew up trusting this cold and cough medicine. This logo is just as memorable. First, a blue and green color palette is used because of the calming nature of this medicine. A triangle is the central shape of the logo, implying strength, but the edges are rounded to make the image a little more friendly. The thick white letters also give the image of strength. Nobody thinks about the Nyquil logo, but almost everyone recognizes it, making it a true branding success story.

2. Claritin Logo Design

Claritin Logo Design
Claritin’s logo is a winner because it shows exactly what it is selling: no more worries about dealing with outdoor allergies. The name is written in a very plain white font. In the background is a beautiful grassy field with a sun shining in a blue sky. This is a powerful image, as people with allergies are often unable to enjoy these beautiful days. The message is that Claritin offers not a pill, but a calm serene day outside. This is an image that millions of people will pay for.

3. Centrum Logo Design

Centrum Logo Design
This vitamin superbrand makes a vitamin for just about everyone, but why do people keep buying them? Part of this may be due to the eye catching logo of the brand. The word Centrum is written in bold blue letters that are slightly slanted to give the impression of movement. In the background, a colorful circle attracts attention while displaying the brand’s friendly image. The lines of color also give a sense of movement, which is important as active lifestyles are important to health logos conscious people.

4. Alli Logo Design

Alli Logo Design
This is a weight loss product with a branding and marketing scheme worthy of a big name. Unlike most pharmaceutical products, the name is written in thin, lower case letters, reducing the medicine-y appearance. The name is purposely misspelled with an ‘I’ instead of a ‘y’ to give it a friendly image and make it appear more like a person’s name. The letters of the name are colorful, with calming blues and attention-grabbing reds taking center stage, while an all-white background ensures that nothing detracts from the name. It is clear that the brand wants to be a friend and ally in weight loss.

5. Nature Made Logo Design

Nature Made Logo Design
This line of natural supplements has a logo that adds a sense of legitimacy and professionalism to their brand. The writing is in a newsy font that makes it seem factual and informative, with a period after the brand name to add finality. The rough shape of the background is that of a street sign. Both of these elements are used in logo design to give a sense of authority and trustworthiness. After all, who questions a street sign? Leaves are added at the top to hint at the company’s leaning toward more natural products. This mixture of legitimacy and nature are perfect for this supplement and vitamin company.

6. Tums Logo Design

Tums Logo Design
Tums has a very simple logo, but this is part of what makes it so effective. The letters are thick and white, but rounded to soften the overall image. In this background is a faint white circle, a shape that implies unity and friendship. The message is that this is a strong but friendly medicine. There is little clutter, adding to the overall soothing effect.

7. Icy Hot Logo Design

Icy Hot Logo Design
Icy Hot may not be a big name product like the others on this list, but its logo uses color to show its use in a way that is notable. Like many over the counter drugs, Icy Hot uses thick bold letters in all capitals to show the strength of the product. A graded rainbow of colors moves across the letters, with the calming blues on the word ‘icy’ and the warmer yellow, orange, and red on the word ‘hot’. Few people notice the way the colors are distributed, so this has a powerful subconscious effect.

8. Advil Logo Design

Advil Logo Design
This pain relief standard has a logo that is recognizable and subtle. The words are thick and bold in a bright yellow with all capital letters. In the background is a grid, which both ties into the medication’s marketing scheme and adds a touch of the scientific. The blue is calming and serene. If you look closely at the grid, it is drawn so it appears to be at an angle to the viewer, giving a sense of movement. The message is that Advil has the technology to help you move beyond your aches and pains, a message that has sold millions of these bottles.

9. Triaminic Logo Design

Triaminic Logo Design
This is one of the best selling brands in children’s cold and cough products. Their logo features bold white lettering in a serious font, but the words ‘children’, written above, and ‘syrup’, written below, are in friendlier lettering. A gold star, a symbol of excellence, embraces a smaller blue star. The message is that you can be a nurturing ‘gold star’ parent by using this product when your own little star is feeling under the weather.

10. Band-Aid Logo Design

Band-Aid Logo Design
This product may have a simple logo, but it is remarkable in that it has remained relatively the same for decades, allowing for superior pharmaceutical branding and recognition. Band-Aid has become not just the go-to brand in its field, but a generic term for any adhesive bandage. The letters are bold and thick in an eye-catching red that is reminiscent of blood, the most common reason for needing this product. The words “brand adhesive bandages” are still written below, although most people are aware of the products use. This logo is recognized worldwide, making it a branding winner despite the simplicity of its design.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.