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Whether you personally like it or not, political lobbies are a part of the American political landscape. These organizations must focus intensely on public image, both to rally support and donations and to influence the people who make all the decisions in politics. While we do not endorse or not endorse any of the following organizations, the government logos are undeniably some of the best in the field.

1. National Urban League Logo Design

National Urban League Logo Design
Everything about this logo design is designed to portray a feeling of equality and inclusiveness. The round shape is the first way this is communicated, followed by the large ‘equal’ sign in the center. The thick lines used in this logo add strength to the message without complicating it. The black and white color scheme is simple enough not to detract from this simple and powerful logo, or its message.

2. GOPAC Logo Design

GOPAC Logo Design
This logo design seems simple, but it has many details meant to communicate information about the organization’s goals. The shape of the United States is shown in a metallic gold color that connotes wealth, while the blue is calming and positive. The wavy shapes across the nation imply movement in a positive direction, which is a positive image for any political logo design. The writing is simple and unobtrusive, while the tagline below shows the lobby’s main goal.

3. New Democrat Network Logo Design

New Democrat Network Logo Design
On the other end of the political spectrum is another group with an attractive and representative logo design, the New Democrat Network. The blue is seen again, which is particularly relevant as it is a color commonly associated with this political party. Sunny, positive yellow is a meaningful accent color. The initials of the organization are shown along with a stylized image of the capitol dome. A yellow circle partially wrapped around the building is a symbol of inclusive while also looking like the sun dawning behind the building. As you can see, even very different organizations incorporate similar themes into their logos.

4. National Taxpayers Union Logo Design

National Taxpayers Union Logo Design
Patriotic red, white, and blue makes an appropriate color palette for an American political organization, a theme that is further communicated by the stars that are key image of the logo design. The stars are aligned in a circle, to give an inclusive feel, but a single star also forms the negative space in the letter U. The thick, strong letters in the acronym are slightly angled for a feeling of movement, while the union’s full name is written below for people not familiar with the abbreviated form.

5. Sierra Club Logo Design

The Sierra Club is not just an earth-oriented charity, but a powerful political group as well. Their logo, however, is distinctly non-political, with a friendly circle enclosing a beautiful wilderness scene. The green color is highly appropriate for a nature oriented logo design. The writing is simple with serifs, similar to that seen in a newspaper, which gives the logo a factual and legitimate feeling that is furthered by the announcement below that the organization was founded more than a century ago.

6. The Constitution Project Logo Design

The Constitution Project Logo Design
This organization attempts to portray a legitimate image with a newsy font in a straightforward, relaxing blue that is similar to that used on the American flag. The rectangular shape of the image gives a feeling of honesty and tradition, while the stars communicate patriotism and excellence. The slanted font used for ‘The’ gives a feeling of movement to this otherwise staid logo design, albeit a small one.

7. The Heritage Foundation Logo Design

The Heritage Foundation Logo Design
This organization focuses on reviving traditional values, which is why the well recognized patriotic picture of the Liberty Bell makes such an appropriate icon for this logo design. The famous crack in the bell is missing, suggesting both healing and turning back the clock. The slightly slanted font communicates movement, while the otherwise conventional wording gives the logo an air of tradition. The tagline below gives a clue as to the purpose of this organization. As we have seen in many other logos, the blue color gives a feeling of calm while also tying into the colors of the American flag.

8. AFL-CIO Logo Design

AFL-CIO Logo Design
This well known labor organization was formed from two previously competing groups, which is why this logo is so important. Two hands are shown in a friendly clasp, each with the name of one of the former groups. The hands and forearms are strong, clearly belonging to the working class, and each has a different skin tone to show solidarity between people of different ethnic groups. The continent of North America forms the background of the logo design. The circular design gives a friendly feeling, while also giving a platform on which to display the full names of the two organizations that make up this cohesive whole. A blue color is seen again to create a calming image.

9. National Organization for Women (NOW) Logo Design

National Organization for Women (NOW) Logo Design
This classic logo design has become a symbol of the organization’s goals that is recognized all over the world. A circle again gives an inclusive feeling, while the words are oriented to fit neatly inside the shape. Despite the friendly shape, the wording is square and solid with solid underlining, suggesting that this organization has a tougher side. The slightly triangular shape of the O implies strength due to its similarity to mountains and the great pyramids. While this logo is definitely old fashioned, it has certainly withstood the test of time and will likely be a symbol of its cause in America for decades to come.

10. America Coming Together (ACT) Logo Design

America Coming Together (ACT) Logo Design
While many political organizations use colors and images associated with the American flag, this logo design uses the actual image. Instead of stars, the organization’s acronym is used, while the thickened stripes give a bold image. The people at the bottom of the logo image show the organization’s human interest, while the organization’s full name is written below. The colors, of course, are those of the American flag, giving this logo design and the organization it represents a distinctly patriotic image.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.