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Psychedelic logo designs are one of the hot trends right now, but many questions how long this will last. There is a high chance that this genre, like any trend, will soon become as dated as plaid gabardine bell bottoms. However, the following ten logo designs are thoughtfully and professionally crafted, giving the brand a better chance of remaining relevant for years to come.

1. 101 Princess St. Logo Design

101 Princess St. Logo Design
This office building is trying to create an image of a pleasurable, inspired space in which to work, which is why this psychedelic logo design is particularly appropriate. The address is filled with bright bubbles of color, which give not just a slightly juvenile image but a feeling of freedom and fun. The use of friendly, inclusive circles combined with the rounded lettering certainly creates and inviting image. The rest of the writing is a cool, modern gray in a traditional font, which adds a touch of seriousness to the logo. In all, this logo design is well balanced, which gives it a good chance of withstanding years of changing trends.

2. Museum of London Logo Design

Museum of London Logo Design
This psychedelic logo design is not just a group of overlapping blobs; people familiar with London will recognize it as a topographical map of the city. Because most people interested in this museum will be familiar with the form, the allusion is not wasted. The writing is simple and minimalist to avoid detracting from the image or creating an overly busy image. This logo is highly relevant to the organization it represents, which gives it a good chance of staying timely even after the psychedelic trend has passed.

3. Pangur Glass Craft Logo Design

Pangur Glass Craft Logo Design
This company offers supplies and materials for making glass, so the use of a bright, psychedelic logo design is very appropriate. In this case, the image is of layered glass bowls with overlapping colors. The brights combine to form more earthy tones, keeping the image from becoming too busy. As we have seen in other successful psychedelic logo designs, a very basic font is used here to allow focus to remain on the image.

4. Brazilian Tourism Logo Design

Brazilian Tourism Logo Design
This psychedelic logo design also features overlapping shapes, but in a less organized manner. The effect is similar to a piece of modern art, which is appropriate because the organization is trying to portray Brazil as a modern, artistic place to visit. The use of overlapping shapes also suggests different pieces coming together to create a beautiful whole while retaining their own unique identity, which is definitely representative of Brazilian culture. This places the name of the country front and center, while the tagline below suggests that this is a sensational place to visit.

5. Tranformando Corazones Logo Design

Tranformando Corazones Logo Design
This Christian charity has a psychedelic logo design that relates directly to their mission: to improve the lives of children. The heart image relates directly to the name (corazones is Spanish for hearts). The way the heart is nestled between several overlapping ovals suggests caregiving and love, while the elementary colors are definitely reminiscent of young children. The plain, lowercase handwriting gives a friendly image that complements the rounded shapes in the image.

6. Corporate Relocations Africa Logo Design

Corporate Relocations Africa Logo Design
This psychedelic logo design is appropriate because it suggests that the company offers a fun and colorful experience. The recognizable silhouette of the continent is filled with bold stripes of color, creating an attractive image without a hint of messiness. Instead of plain black writing, the wording is in a blue and red that coordinates with the image. The overall image is arranged in a way that is bright yet not overdone in the way that some psychedelic designs can be.

7. Zonik Logo Design

Zonik Logo Design
This psychedelic logo design features a single Z made of circles of different shapes and sizes, which adds interest but also increases the possibility of confusion. The friendliness of the image is created by the repeated use of circles as well as the thin, slightly rounded writing. Although the colors in the image are very bright and somewhat randomly arranged, the logo is grounded by business-like gray writing.

8. Sunkist Logo Design

Sunkist Logo Design
Because this type of logo is bright and sunny, a psychedelic logo design is very appropriate for the new Sunkist logo. In this case, bright orange relates to the flavor of the drink while blue is reminiscent of fluid and refreshment. The spiral at the top of the image and the waves throughout also suggest water. The writing is in a high contrast white and accented by green, which suggests that the drink is a natural choice. This logo is highly appropriate to the subject, although the many little touches make it more difficult to remember and identify.

9. Mastercard Worldwide Logo Design

Mastercard Worldwide Logo Design
The Mastercard logo is among the most recognizable in the world, which is why it was a risky move to tamper with it. However, this design is an interesting take on the original. The familiar overlapping orange and red circles are present, this time with a transparent white overlay that appears to be a beam of light. If the logo truly to be recreated, it was wise to continue using the theme of the circle. The creation of a psychedelic logo design with the interesting use of color and light adds a friendly, modern touch to a well-recognized classic without detracting from the recognizability of the image.

10. Orange Amps Logo Design

Orange Amps Logo Design
This psychedelic logo design is a return to the original logo from the company’s opening in the early seventies. Fitting the time in which it was created, the logo features thick, rounded writing with lots of serifs and wavy accents. The logo here is in black, although it originally was orange to go better with the name. The name and the logo design do not particularly relate to the field of amplifiers, but this is nonetheless a highly recognizable brand and logo. Although many companies would not benefit from adopting one of their own vintage logos, this was a good move for the company in question.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.