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We see punctuation all around us, yet most of us think very little about it. However, punctuation can be very powerful in communicating emotion and speaking patterns, be it a pause or a sense of finality.

The following ten companies show how to use punctuation correctly and powerfully as a logo design style.

1. Green Yet? Punctuation Logo Design

Green Yet? Punctuation Logo Design
This logo design uses the two colors most associated with the earth, but they do so in a smooth blend of the two. The lettering is rounded and lower case to create an informal feeling in the logo design as well as to create the sense that this is the end of a question: are you green yet? The question mark in the logo design is implied by the name, but fashioning the punctuation to form a swirling shape that implies change creates an eye-catching and attractive image. The globe tucked in the center of the question mark obviously ties into the business itself.

2. Everything Amarillo Logo Design

Everything Amarillo Logo Design
It would have been fun and incredibly relevant if the color scheme here was yellow, as Amarillo is the Spanish word for the color, but the blue is nonetheless calming and creates a sense that this website will be a problem solver. The use of a comma and an apostrophe are very clever here because they form rough outlines of the company’s initials. The rounded nature of the punctuation, as well as the lower case writing, give an informal and friendly feeling that will make people want to visit this website.

3. MoviQuotes Punctuation Logo Design

MoviQuotes Punctuation Logo Design
Due to the name and subject of this business, using a logo design with quotation marks makes sense. Incorporating these quotation marks into a simple image of a movie camera is nothing short of inspired. The gray color palette is appropriate for the image, but perhaps a little subdued for the world of entertainment. However, the image is memorable and not even a little gimmicky, which makes it a winner.

4. Schizophrenic Logo Design

Schizophrenic Logo Design
Because this mental illness is known for mood swings, the use of a dual smiley and the sad face is very appropriate. Using emoticons to create this image is relevant to modern markets, where many people are familiar with and use these punctuation-based images themselves. Schizophrenia does not have a lot of positive associations, so the use of a clear, calming blue as well as friendly rounded lower case writing for this logo design offsets the emotional power of the name.

5. Elephant Talk Logo Design

Elephant Talk Logo Design
Again we see quotation marks, this time, to simply talking. The two marks are arranged to form the heads of two elephants who are standing side by side, which ties into the name of the business. The blue color is serene, while the gray tones are obviously relevant to elephants. The letters are bold and thick but softened to tie into the rounded shapes in the image. The result is a cohesive image that is eye-catching and well balanced.

6. Accenture Punctuation Logo Design

Accenture Punctuation Logo Design
This company needed an accent for their logo design, both because of the name and because of the simplicity of the rest of the design. The entire logo is in a simple black and white color scheme, with the name of the company written in friendly lower case letters. The punctuation in question is also a sign used in mathematics to mean ‘more than’, which definitely is a positive association. A tagline below makes a brand promise that perfectly complements the use of punctuation.

7. The Canadian Press Logo Design

The Canadian Press Logo Design
This is a simple yet effective image that perfectly portrays the purpose of the organization. The writing is solid and black to give a weighty image that is flattering to a press organization. Quotation marks are positioned around a red maple leaf to create an image strikingly similar to that of the Canadian flag due to the red punctuation. This expresses the aim of The Canadian Press in a succinct, nonverbal manner. In all, this logo design is very simple, yet very expressive as well.

8. Luvtalk Logo Design

Luvtalk Logo Design
A sophisticated gray makes up the background of this logo design and helps the white and red lettering stand out. The lowercase lettering is friendly and inviting, but thick enough to stand out. The two quotation marks and the heart they create both ties into the name of the company and create a memorable image that is congruent with the brand image. It is easy to guess the company’s style and purpose from looking at this logo design, which is exactly as it should be.

9. Okey Design Logo Design

Okey Design Logo Design
The image of this logo design is a hand making a ‘thumbs up’ signal that ties into the name. This illustration is enclosed between brackets, which create a clear boundary for the image while also giving the image a sense of finality. The mixture of upper and lower case lettering is informal and friendly, making people want to interact with the company. The wording below the company name describes the services that this business offers. It should be noted that a thumbs up hand signal are positive in the United States, but can have obscene meanings elsewhere in the world, which limits the effectiveness of this logo design and the company it represents to a restricted geographical area.

10. WebCompany Punctuation Logo Design

WebCompany Punctuation Logo Design
This logo design is notable not just for its use of punctuation, but for its use of negative space as well. The semicolon that follows the first two letters creates the inside of the letter B, which together with the surrounding letters implies its presence rather than literally spelling it out. The punctuation creates an emotion, showing the company’s web savvy.
Using punctuation in logo design creates a memorable image and sends a clear message about the company brand. Although there are numerous cases where this style is used, it is still unusual enough to have an original and even edgy feeling that invites attention. If you think a logo design using punctuation may be right for your company, talk to a professional logo designer today.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.