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Anti-aging and skin care is a huge business in the United States. People are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a skin treatment or skin cream that appears to offer a solution to their crow’s feet, but first, they must believe in the product itself. Beauty salon logos are therefore very important in promoting beauty related products and brands.

1. Botox Skin Care Product Logo Design

Botox Skin Care Product Logo Design
Botox is so popular it has earned jokes on popular comedy sketch shows. The logo is simple and memorable. The main color is purple, which is commonly associated with women. The writing is thick and square enough to be authoritative but lacking in elements such as serifs. A wave-like shape above the wording connotes movement forward, which is certainly true of this innovative anti-aging treatment. The auxiliary colors of fuchsia and gold are also modern colors associated with women.

2. Olay Skin Care Product Logo Design

Olay Skin Care Product Logo Design
Olay has managed to rebrand itself from a heavy cream used by old ladies to a skin care regime that can prevent aging in women of all ages. Part of this was a change in name—the company dropped the ‘Oil of’ that used to come before the current name—but part of this is the excellent and appropriate logo. The writing is rounded and friendly, with emphasis on the inclusive circular shape of the ‘O’. A wavy line is beneath the wording, giving a feeling of movement. Last, a circular shape in the lower right corner is not just a circle, but an image of a beautiful woman.

3. LifeCell Skin Care Product Logo Design

LifeCell Skin Care Product Logo Design
This skincare company markets itself as a scientific answer to the biological problem of aging. The logo shows this well. The bold stripe of red is attention-getting and bold, while the writing is plain and business-like. The logo, however, is different from just about every other anti-aging logo. A molecule is drawn out of circles and lines, emphasizing the science behind the treatment and the molecular level on which it claims to work. A plus sign in the center of the molecule is not just a sign of positivity, but also similar to the cross seen in health care logos used by the Red Cross and the Blue Cross.

4. Creme de la Mer Skin Care Product Logo Design

Creme de la Mer Skin Care Product Logo Design
This anti-aging cream is a worldwide wonder, with women lining up to pay more than one hundred dollars for barely a dab of this product. However, the logo combines the science behind the product (it was developed by a NASA scientist) with classic femininity. The writing is in a deep, masculine green in a newsy font with serifs. This gives a serious side to the treatment. However, the background is a splash of pale pink appearing to have been painted hastily with a brush. This adds a feminine and artistic touch, making the product friendlier to women.

5. Revitol Skin Care Product Logo Design

Revitol Skin Care Product Logo Design
This product aims to solve a problem, selling an emotional solution rather than a product. The color is a calming blue reminiscent of deep water. The image itself is in the shape of a friendly, inclusive circle, with a figure of a woman inside with her face turned upward. This implies that people who use this product can be part of this woman’s hope.

6. Too Faced Skin Care Product Logo Design

Too Faced Skin Care Product Logo Design
This brand began as a makeup line, but it quickly has expanded into the lucrative field of anti-aging. The logo is more girly than many of the others, focusing less on science than on femininity. The writing is a scrolling cursive in a powder pink. Another inclusive circle is featured, this time with a female silhouette in black. The woman is slender and young, inviting customers to feel the same way by buying the product.

7. Murad Skin Care Product Logo Design

Murad Skin Care Product Logo Design
This company offers a more straightforward logo, but an effective one nonetheless. No color is used whatsoever, instead relying on a palette of black and white. The writing is thin, in a very plain font that is still rounded to appear a little friendlier. In the middle is a straight thin line, then a wavy shape that is also a stylized ‘M’. The wavy shape again connotes movement, and the incorporation of the initial is clever. The M/wave appears to have been painted, which adds an artistic touch that suggests woman’s faces can be redrawn using this product.

8. Bliss Skin Care Product Logo Design

Bliss Skin Care Product Logo Design
This logo is different from the others because it uses the product tagline in a very plain, but effective image. First, the letters are thick, but in entirely lower case letters that are slightly rounded, giving a friendly feeling. Second, the use of a relaxing deep blue is used once again to make readers feel calmed. The tagline below shows the product’s use: ‘from our spa to your skin’.

9. Juice Beauty Skin Care Product Logo Design

Juice Beauty Skin Care Product Logo Design
This line of products is different from the others because of their green, organic products. The logo portrays this perfectly. A rain drop is in the background in a calming green color that implies earth-friendliness. The word ‘juice’ is in a friendly, rounded font, but the other lettering is newsy with serifs. Again, a tagline is used: ‘The Organic Solution’. This skin care cream is very different from most others, so it is only appropriate that the logo be very different as well.

10. Korres Skin Care Product Logo Design

Korres Skin Care Product Logo Design
This company also is coming from a different angle, and again the logo shows it. First, the image of a leaf is used to show the brand’s alliance with nature. Second, the writing is thick and plain, giving a square image, but the word ‘Athens’ is discreetly placed in the upper right hand corner. This together with the grayscale color scheme gives the logo a European feeling.

Although these ten logos are very different, they have a few things in common. Most use color to attract attention or to portray key things about the brand. The ones that have images use them to further communicate about the brand. Last, they all are simple and memorable, making it easy for customers to pick them out of a crowd. Meaningful and memorable is a winning combination in the world of logo design.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.