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Playing with a Logo: Sports League Logos that Go the Extra Mile

Nowhere is the role of a sports logo design more important than in major league sports. The sports logo must not only rally players and teams but fans as well. Sports leagues may not have customers per se, but they are dependent on the people buying tickets, buying paraphernalia, and watching televised games and matches. These ten logos do a great job of holding the public interest while remaining appropriate and relevant to their particular sport.

1. National Hockey League Logo Design

National Hockey League Logo Design
The National Hockey League is unique among American Leagues because it crosses borders, with teams from neighboring countries. Because of this, the patriotic color scheme that will be common in other American sports leagues is notably absent. Instead, the NHL uses black and silver, hard colors that give a ‘black and white’ image to the sport while avoiding inadvertently using the colors of any given team. The shield shape is symbolic of tradition, while the lettering has just a touch of serifs for a harder image. This sport is known for being a little tougher than the others, and the logo expresses this well.

2. Canadian Football League Logo Design

Canadian Football League Logo Design
The Canadian Football League is closely watched by many American football fans, but it retains its unique national flavor, which is expressed by its logo as well. The red is the same red as the Canadian flag, and the maple leaf symbol is central to the logo. A football is coming out of the maple leaf as if thrown, showing the purpose of the league. This The Canadian Football League logo says a lot in a very small space.

3. Premier League Logo Design

Premier League Logo Design
The Premier League has a European football logo that is recognized all over the world. A regal lion, the ‘king of beasts’, wears a kingly crown and sits with his foot propped on a soccer ball. The tail is formed into a familiar swoosh, a symbol of movement. The colors are identical to those of the British flag, leaving no question as to the country of origin. The image is fierce, traditional, and regal, which is exactly the image that this league is trying to project.

4. National Football League Logo Design

National Football League Logo Design
The NFL logo is recognizable to American football fans both in the United States and all over the world. The traditional shield is used to show a long history, as well as the familiar red, white, and blue of the American flag. A football is prominently displayed, as are several stars to represent the star status of the players. In all, this logo expresses key information about the league in a meaningful and effective manner.

5. Major League Soccer Logo Design

Major League Soccer Logo Design
Major League Soccer doesn’t always get the attention it deserves in the United States, but this certainly isn’t due to its logo. The logo is in attractive modern colors, including hard-edged black and white along with a relaxing blue and green, just like the Adanspor Turkey Football team logo design. A stylized foot is shown kicking a soccer ball, leaving no question as to the sport being referred to. The square shape gives an air of tradition and rule-following, which fits in with the game of soccer in general. This soccer logo is sure to bring more attention to soccer in the United States just like the top 10 sports team logos.

6. Women’s Professional Soccer Logo Design

Women’s Professional Soccer Logo Design
Women’s Professional Soccer is an up and coming league in the United States that is gaining in popularity almost by the day as more and more young women become soccer enthusiasts. The logo is nothing short of professional, with a blue, burgundy, and taupe color scheme that is a stylish version of the red, white, and blue used in other leagues. The image of an unmistakably feminine woman kicking a soccer ball is both dramatic and sport-specific, making it easy to guess what this league is all about.

7. Major League Baseball Logo Design

Major League Baseball Logo Design
The MLB is one of the oldest professional leagues in the United States that is still in existence. The logo shows this, with a square shape and a classic patriotic color scheme. The image of a man hitting a baseball with a baseball bat makes it easy to guess what sport the logo refers to. The name of the league is written below in attention-getting red in square letters that are strong and plain.

8. Arena Football League Logo Design

Arena Football League Logo Design
The Arena Football League is just a little different from other football leagues and the logo shows it. Arena football tends to be faster-paced than other types of football, and the way the letters are slanted to imply movement underscores this. The shield denotes traditions, but the football literally flying away from the central player in a white swoosh is another sign of speed and movement. This logo is similar enough to the NFL logo that one can tell they are referring to the same game, but the differences are displayed in a language more universally understood even than words.

9. Women’s National Basketball Association Logo Design

Women’s National Basketball Association Logo Design
The WNBA also uses a slightly slanted logo to show movement and speed. The basketball logo design itself is very similar to the men-only NBA, but the central figure is clearly a woman playing basketball rather than a man. The use of a shield and the same NBA color scheme imply that the women are playing the same traditional sport, but the few details show that there are key differences between the two leagues.

10. NASCAR Logo Design

NASCAR Logo Design
The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR, has a colorful car brand logo that shows the colorful nature of this sport and its fan base. The font is bold with thick letters and no serifs, which implies strength. However, the letters are slanted to imply movement, as does the series of lines to the left of the wording. This logo gives a sense of uniqueness, tradition, and speed, all of which are relevant to stock car racing.

While a sport cannot be summed up in one small logo, these logos do a great job of relating all salient information in one visually attractive and cohesive image. Doubtless, many fans hold these images and their values close to their hearts, making these logos clear winners by any measure.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.