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Most people love steak and are more than willing to try the fare at an old-fashioned steakhouse. However, there are so many competitors in this niche market of the restaurant field that having a brand and a food and drink logo design that compliments it becomes even more important. The following ten restaurant logos attempt to lure you in with promises of comfort foods, ambiance, and old fashioned fun.

1. Texas Roadhouse Logo Design

Texas Roadhouse Logo Design
This steakhouse has the feeling and ambience of the fifties, with a bubbly neon steakhouse logo design. The state of Texas and the cowboy hat perched upon this image relate directly to the name, while a complicated black shape in the background reinforces the vintage theme. The neon logo design is all the more appropriate considering that the chain is known for a free jukebox in the restaurant.

2. Bennigan’s Logo Design

Bennigan’s Logo Design
Rather than neon colors, this logo design features a calming, earthy green that suggests natural foods and a quieter experience. The name is the sole image in the logo, written in an old fashioned font that is nonetheless bold and thick for extra presence. The name is angled and underlined dramatically to give an athletic feeling, much like baseball pennants. The implication is that this is a sporty place, but a much more restful one than the average bright, loud roadhouse. This image surely will keep new customer flowing through the doors.

3. Bugaboo Creek Logo Design

Bugaboo Creek Logo Design
Is there really a Bugaboo Creek somewhere in the Canadian Rockies? This remains under debate, but there is a Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse in many communities. These theme steakhouses are decorated to resemble classic Canadian hunting lodges in the Rockies, and the logo design also ties into the theme. Stylized mountains are in the background, while a large moose stands to the left. The green and brown with red accents are reminiscent of nature, while the modern, plain writing suggests that this company is firmly grounded in the twenty-first century. This paradox of modern with classic, urban with rural, makes for a charming blend that will entice many steak lovers.

4. The Big Texan Logo Design

The Big Texan Logo Design
Everything is bigger in Texas, and this logo is big as well. The name is written in a classic Old West font in eye catching bright colors, which, together with the actual Lone Star flags on either side of the wording, tie in to the name of the establishment. An old fashioned cowboy is the central image, while yellow wording announces the restaurant’s claim of world fame. The logo appears to be carved into a wooden sign, adding to the down home image. This logo is a little busy, but it has a kitschy charm that works in its community and in its niche market.

5. The Palm Logo Design

The Palm Logo Design
Rather than the country images seen in the preceding logos, this New York based steakhouse logo embraces their upscale image with a simple, sophisticated logo and ultra modern writing. The central image of a stylized palm ties into the name, while also serving as the letter ‘L’ in a stroke of cleverness. The green and muted red color palette is tropical with upper crust sensibilities, while the round image invites all to see what a desert themed steakhouse has to offer. This steakhouse has a theme and a brand that is unique in its market, so it is very appropriate that this difference be included and even celebrated in their logo design.

6. Longhorn Steakhouse Logo Design

Longhorn Steakhouse Logo Design
Longhorn cattle were once celebrated for their flavorful beef, so they make an appropriate name for this restaurant as well as a meaningful image for its logo design. The red and black color palette combined with the simple line drawing give an attention getting yet sophisticated feeling. However, the bold font with serifs is as Texan as you can get, showing that this modern brand doesn’t stray far from its roots. The mix of modern and old fashioned is undeniably present here, which is a combination that will be attractive to many steakhouse lovers.

7. Claim Jumper Logo Design

Claim Jumper Logo Design
This restaurant embraces their Old West image, with a logo design that includes an old fashioned photo of a shady looking miner on a parchment background. Red lettering in a bold font adds to the distinctively Western feeling. The rectangular image is beveled at the edges to add a Victorian edge to the image, suggesting that customers may find all the comforts of home at this roughly named establishment. This logo manages to refer almost constantly to the theme of the restaurant as well as the brand, but never diminishes the expectation of good food and country charm.

8. Morton’s Logo Design

Morton’s Logo Design
This restaurant has had a well recognized Art Deco logo design for decades, but it maintains power even in modern times. The classic lines create the shape of a bone, referring to the main course at this steakhouse. The Jazz Age font of the establishment name only adds to the vintage image. The brown color palette is definitely related to the primary fare here. This logo is both memorable and simple, which has helped it withstand the test of time.

9. Buffalo Grill Logo Design

Buffalo Grill Logo Design
This logo design is far simpler than those of its competition, but with good effect. The restaurant’s name is written in that Old Western font that is looking rather familiar by now. The horns are reminiscent of the buffalo that is the restaurant’s namesake. The image is well balanced and shaped subtly like an inverted triangle, giving an image of strength. The eye catching red that is the sole color is attractive and appropriate for a food service establishment.

10. Logan’s Roadhouse Logo Design

Logan’s Roadhouse Logo Design
This logo design is old fashioned in just about every way. First, the red and yellow color scheme is one often used in classic restaurants. Second, the logo is text only with several lines for emphasis. The wave like shape of the S adds a modern edge to the image. Logan’s Roadhouse is decorated as an old fashioned roadhouse, so this distinctly retro logo is appropriate.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.