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Top 10 Sun Logos: Depending on your area, the sunshine may be all that you see when you look outside this time of year. However, the sun is also a popular symbol of heat, energy, and power. The following ten logos come from a variety of industries, from beverages to television networks to solar energy, but they all use the sun as central sun logo images. However, as we shall see, all design elements do so in very different ways and with equally disparate meanings.

1. Sunkist Sun Logo Design

Sunkist Logo Design
A cooling beverage logo with the sun in its name almost has to use the sun in its logo design. However, this offers somewhat of a dilemma as a cold beverage needs to communicate refreshment as well. This logo offers a perfect balance, with eye-popping orange and blue representing the sun, the orange flavor, and refreshing water at the same time. Wave-like shapes throughout the image add to the cooling image. The way the blue and orange is positioned gives the impression of a sun over a clear, clean ocean.

2. Sunny Isles Beach Resort Logo Design

Sunny Isles Beach Resort Logo Design
Again we see a sun and ocean, this time without even a hint of orange and yellow. The calming blue waves swirl around into a round shape representing the sun without being too obvious. The plain, upper case writing combined with the use of straight horizontal lines balances the image with a solid feeling. The use of several different blues is calming but offers a palette for developing the association’s brand.

3. Sonbeam Sun Logos Design

Sonbeam Logo Design
This children’s Christian TV Channel Logos uses a play on the word sun and therefore includes a stylized sun in their logo. The use of gray lettering around the golden O makes it appear to be the sun, with a similar color used in the second half of the word. The writing is slightly uneven, with a mixture of upper and lower case letters that gives it a childlike feeling. In all, this logo design is subtle yet effective and offers a distinct color palette, font, and style that can be used throughout the brand for a cohesive and memorable effect.

4. Sunny Delight Logo Design

Sunny Delight Logo Design
Again we see a beverage with the word ‘sun’ in its name, necessitating the use of a sun in the logo without overheating what is supposed to be a cooling image. In this case, a bold orange sun is being overtaken by blue waves of liquid, implying a quenching effect. The modern writing at a slant gives a feeling of movement while keeping the logo design youthful and appealing.

5. Sunny Solar Logo Design

Sunny Solar Logo Design
Another industry that can benefit from using the sun in its logo is that of solar energy and related accessories. This company is a good example. The lettering is in lower case, with the O in solar formed to appear to be the sun. Colored squares below balance the orange and charcoal gray, adding interest to a logo design that might otherwise be a little too plain. This solar energy logo design is very simple, but it is memorable and interesting while strongly indicating the field for which it was designed.

6. Sunnyside Natural Market Logo Design

Sunnyside Natural Market Logo Design
Can you make the sun without even a hint of orange? As we saw above in another example, the answer is a resounding yes! In this case, olive green and cherry red are the color palette for a sun-based logo design. The round, olive sun has sprigs with fruit instead of traditional rays, giving this celestial object a decidedly earthly feeling. The circular shape is also inclusive, inviting people to visit this natural market. The use of lower case letters adds a touch of informality that is balanced by the capital letters immediately below.

7. The Sunny Patch Sun Logos Designs

The Sunny Patch Logo Design
This produce supplier offers produce to area stores, so the sun is an appropriate image. However, in this case, the sun is fashioned to resemble a piece of ripe fruit by using a green leaf as an accent. The leaf is made of several lines, giving it a less substantial and more artistic feeling. Simple black and white writing in a modern yet nondescript font neither adds nor takes away from the simple and multi-faceted image.

8. Caribbean Sun Tanning Logo Design

Caribbean Sun Tanning Logo Design
Many tanning and beauty salons use the sun in their logos, but few do so in such an interesting way. In this case, the sun has tentacle-like rays, resembling a popular tattoo design and infusing this logo design with a youthful, edgy feeling. Circular shapes around the sun give a friendly feeling and make the image seem finished. The use of two different fonts balances the less substantial writing with a more solid type. Black combined with red and yellow tones gives a sunny yet almost aggressive feeling to this logo design. While the sun can certainly be potent, few logo designs use this aspect as effectively as this one does.

9. Surya Jewelers Sun Logo Design

Surya Jewelers Logo Design
Most jewelry logos focus on sophistication and use a lot of black in their logo designs. This will help this logo design stand out from the pack. The exotic name is written in bold yet plain lettering, giving a modern feeling. Jewel shapes radiate out from the A, which in this case has been styled as the sun. This logo design is ultra simple, but it is warm and inviting. It also is relevant to its field—after all, jewels are meant to sparkle in the sun—while also being very different from most logo designs in its field. This fine line can be very difficult to achieve.

10. Sunny Hotels Logo Design

Sunny Hotels Logo Design
Sometimes there is nothing wrong with using an old standard. In this case, a very ‘status quo’ theme, of the sun over an ocean, is made personal. The sun is separated by modern lines to add interest and a little movement, while the writing below is plain and blue, to imply an ocean. This hotel has a vacation logo that ties into its name while hinting at its simple, no-frills style, which makes it very appropriate indeed.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.