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Americans have recently rediscovered tea, with the formerly dowdy drink now being given the same respect as coffee and even fine wine. As such, a variety of tea companies new and old are courting the United States market with branding designed to entice all types of tea drinkers. The following ten tea brands have food and drink logos that entice the tea drinker with promises of old world tradition, exotic delight, and even medicinal properties.

1. The Republic of Tea Logo Design

The Republic of Tea Logo Design
The Republic of Tea is a relatively new brand offering a variety of flavors both traditional and new age, and the logo is flexible enough to accommodate all of these. The image is that of an old fashioned tea pot, while the font is modern and has fancy yet subtle details that hint at a complex and rich tea drinking experience. The tagline below lets people know that they can expect a premium quality experience from the brand.

2. Teavana Tea Logo Design

Teavana Tea Logo Design
The name of this tea company hints at the exotic, and the logo further bolsters this impression. This was among the first tea brands to market international teas in a manner similar to that used for other premium beverages, but the emphasis remains on the exotic. The rich colors are exotic yet inviting, while the cross legged image appears to be meditating on a cup of tea. The rounded images give a feeling of inclusiveness that suggests all people can join in on this image of inner peace.

3. Tazo Tea Logo Design

Tazo Tea Logo Design
Tazo uses multiculturalism and Eastern religion as a major part of the brand, with product labeling referring to religion and a label on every box claiming that all tea is ‘blessed by a certified tea shaman’. The logo further underscores this point by using several different religious symbols as letters. This combined with the antiqued look of the logo gives a feeling that this tea is a way to get in touch with the ancient and timeless, something that very few brands can successfully promise.

4. Good Earth Tea Logo Design

Good Earth Tea Logo Design
This brand focuses on earth friendly teas, and the logo shows this. The logo is shaped in a semi-circle, a friendly and inclusive shape. The dark brown color palette is relevant both to the earth and the dried tea leaf. The first O in the word good is in the shape of a tea leaf as well. The line beneath the wording as well as the detail on the letter R both suggest a wave shape, a symbol of forward movement that compliments this forward thinking brand.

5. Yogi Tea Logo Design

Yogi Tea Logo Design
Yogi Tea obviously plays on the Asian roots of tea to entice people enthralled with the exotic. Again we see a brown color scheme, but with a very different shape. The shape of the logo is distinctly Asian, while a plant shape at the top of the logo is reminiscent of the tea plant. The writing is thick and rounded for a friendly feeling, making viewers feel that they can be included in the inner peace that the name suggests. Curvy accents show attention to detail while giving an otherwise simple image more visual beauty.

6. Ten Ren Tea Logo Design

Ten Ren Tea Logo Design
This tea brand has long been popular in Asia, but more and more is being sought out by people all over the world. The red of the color is distinctly Asian, while the green refers to the fresh taste that the brand is known for. A diamond shape contains an Asian tea cup enclosing a simple leaf, while the wording below, ‘The Art of Chinese Tea’, is another reference to the place of origin. The message is that this brand offers tea that is fresher and more authentic than the competition.

7. Celestial Seasonings Tea Logo Design

Celestial Seasonings Tea Logo Design
Celestial Seasonings is a tea company based in Boulder, Colorado, United States that specializes in herbal tea but also sells green and black tea. Despite the astronomical name, this brand offers a variety of teas both for medicinal purposes and pure enjoyment. The C in the first word refers to the name by being in a distinctive moon shape. The wording is rounded and friendly with swirls and details that draw in the eye to an otherwise very simple, text only logo.

8. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Logo Design

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Logo Design
This brand offers both coffee and tea, and the logo communicates this aptly. A circular shape surrounding a coffee bean and a sprig of tea implies inclusiveness of both products, while a line through the circle shows that the two lines are completely separate. The writing is rounded as well, but has swirling accents and serifs that imply movement. The impression is that this is a brand constantly changing, which is attractive to people always looking to try something new. Read more about the Top 10 Hottest Coffee Shop Logos.

9. Kalahari Tea Logo Design

Kalahari Tea Logo Design
This brand focuses on African origin teas, and the logo shows this without words. The central image is a deep crimson African continent. Another reference to Africa is the fierce lion’s face embedded in the continent. The writing is jagged and pointy to add to the fierceness, while tiny brightly colored circles throughout the wording add an inclusive touch as well as visual interest and brightness. This logo is very different from most other tea logos, which is appropriate because the brand and its product are both very different from the norm as well.

10. Scottish Blend Tea Logo Design

Scottish Blend Tea Logo Design
This tea may not be an American favorite, but its popularity in other countries suggests that it is only a matter of time before its cult appeal crosses the Atlantic. First, a deep blue background is calming, while the image of a tea bag relates back to the product being sold. The two T’s in the word Scottish form a table on which two brightly colored and inviting tea cups sit steaming. The wording is plain enough not to detract from the image, but solid enough to make a clear statement.
What makes a tea logo successful? For some, it is a reference to the place where the tea originates. For others, a peaceful image inspires the customer to give the product a try. The common theme here is that these logos all are invaluable parts of their brand, communicating information about the company and its products in a language more subtle and salient than words ever could be.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.