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Perhaps no target customer is more brand-conscious than the teenager. Most teens have their favorite clothes labels and will wear the logo prominently displayed on every article of apparel they own if their allowance allows it. As you would expect, a store’s logo is crucial to success in this trend oriented teen market. Here are ten teen store logos that do a great job of appealing to the fickle adolescent consumer.

1. PacSun Teen Store Logo Design

PacSun Teen Store Logo Design
Pacific Sunwear, which in the past few years has been rebranded as PacSun, offers California casual clothing for the teen consumer. The logo portrays this with a sun yellow logo, casual font, and sun rays coming from behind the ‘S’. The line below the ‘S’ implies that the sun is setting on the water, which further promotes a Californian image. In all, this logo is simple but very effective at communicating a youthful, West coast style. For many teenagers, this lifestyle and image is an important selling point.

2. Buckle Teen Store Logo Design

Buckle Teen Store Logo Design
This clothing line offers a simple logo that can be seen in malls all over the nation. The company name is written in a sophisticated gray in a very plain font. To the left, a letter B has been ingeniously designed to resemble a buckle, tying into the company name in two very different ways. The logo is a rounded square shape for a mixture of honesty and inclusiveness, and the dark red is modern yet eye catching.

3. American Eagle Outfitters Teen Store Logo Design

American Eagle Outfitters Teen Store Logo Design
This company has a rather plain logo befitting an ‘outfitter’, but it is one that is worn by just about every American teenager. The name is written in a plain newsy font that suggests simplicity and honesty. An eagle image above the name refers to the company’s name as well. The blue and white color palette is both calming and simple enough to remain relevant through the years, even for this ever changing demographic.

4. Hollister Teen Store Logo Design

Hollister Teen Store Logo Design
This is another California casual brand, although it offers a slightly more vintage feel than PacSun. The company does most of its marketing through teenagers actually wearing the clothing, which makes the logo crucial to success. The name is written in serious square letters with a seagull above to imply a beach-y lifestyle. The word California is written below to communicate the style of the clothing. This is a simple but effective logo that markets itself wisely to the younger generation.

5. Delia’s Teen Store Logo Design

Delia’s Teen Store Logo Design
Although Delia’s primarily focuses on catalog and internet sales, it has a logo that is mall-worthy. The logo is designed to be shown in a variety of colors, which makes it versatile enough to stand the test of time and trend. One of the most noticeable parts of the logo is that the name is written with a jumble of upper and lower case letters, which adds a fun, unconventional touch. The other key part of the logo is the starburst that makes up the apostrophe, which implies the stardom and celebrity that are important values to the younger generation.

6. Torrid Teen Store Logo Design

Torrid Teen Store Logo Design
With the numbers of obese and overweight teens rising, this plus sized fashion store is gaining prominence and brand recognition. The logo plays up the youthfulness and sex appeal of the clothing rather than its size, with a hot pink color palette and a flaming heart in the background. The name of the store is written in large, cursive print, while the words ‘plus sizes’ are in much smaller letters at the bottom. The message is that plus sized girls are girls first, with needs for fashion and validation that are just as strong as their smaller classmates.

7. Aeropostale Teen Store Logo Design

Aeropostale Teen Store Logo Design
This oddly named store (it means ‘air mail’ in French) has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon in the United States. The logo is straightforward, with the name written in deep blue in a rather plain font without serifs. A line above and below the name adds to the serious rectangular shape, while the red triangle that forms the accent over the first ‘E’ functions both as a common symbol of strength and a small airplane, tying into the name. This red also offers a little more interest, setting the brand apart from the many out there using a plain blue and white color palette.

8. Journeys Teen Store Logo Design

Journeys Teen Store Logo Design
Need a pair of sneakers to go with that t-shirt? Journey’s is just the place to go. This shoes and more store is a popular place to buy just about every item of apparel available. However, the focus remains on shoes. The logo is written in graffiti style writing to appeal to young urban shoppers, and the ‘O’ in the name is drawn to look like a compass with arrows. This not only ties into the name, it also conveys a feeling of movement that is valuable to this market.

9. Armani Exchange Teen Store Logo Design

Armani Exchange Teen Store Logo Design
This reasonably priced and youthful line from couture king Giorgio Armani has gained huge popularity among teens who want a piece of the icon at a price they can afford. The Armani Exchange logo shows this alliance with the younger consumer. First, the initials rather than the name take center stage. Second, a line between the two letters offers a modern, edgy look. To maintain the brand, the thin, serifed font used by Giorgio Armani’s ready to wear line is the font used here as well.

10. Gap Teen Store Logo Design

Gap Teen Store Logo Design
What logo could be more iconic than that of the Gap? Despite decades of use, teens continue to shop in these stores and proudly display merchandise bearing the rather plain logo. With the name written in thin white news-print style letters across a calming deep blue background, there isn’t a lot about the Gap logo to discuss. However, its simplicity and high recognition make it a clear winner.

What do these logos have in common? Very little! Teens are constantly trying on new identities, and what appeals to them one day might not be as popular tomorrow. One thing is for certain: these ten brand logos have an appeal that is likely to keep young people walking through their doors for years to come.

Think teens are the main audience? Then you haven’t looked around your local mall yet. Stores that cater to this brand oriented market are popping up almost overnight, and these young people are buying what they are selling. Tweens—the once childish preteen market—are now savvy consumers with a variety of clothing stores targeted specifically at them.

What does this mean for branding? The same way Barbie and Lego have been sold to this market, through logo branding and sophisticated marketing schemes, clothing stores now must sell themselves. Here are the top ten brands for this market along with why their clothing logos are so effective. Please do not confuse this with the top 10 teen clothing store logos.

1. Limited Too Tween Store Logo Design

Limited Too Tween Store Logo Design
This is perhaps one of the top stores for tween girls, with a logo that is recognized in elementary and middle schools all over the United States. The blue of the logo is calming, while the yellow grabs attention. The writing is asymmetrical to appear more fun, while the logo that makes up the central image is perfect for a store marketing itself to girls of any age. In all, this logo is appropriate for the tweens cruising the mall as well as the parents who have to pull out the credit card.

2. Justice Tween Store Logo Design

Justice Tween Store Logo Design
This store has a tween-friendly hot pink and electric blue color palette. The writing is bubbly and friendly, while the ‘I’ is dotted with a heart, which is a common practice in this age group’s handwriting. This logo is simple, but that means it has the potential to capture the hearts of several generations of girls.

3. American Girl Tween Store Logo Design

American Girl Tween Store Logo Design
This store offers stylish but modest clothing for young girls, along with a twist: each garment can also be bought in doll sizes. This is because American Girl, while now a popular clothing brand among tween girls, is primarily a doll store. Nonetheless, the logo features newsy, straightforward print in a girl-friendly color of hot pink. A star in the center implies the star quality of the dolls as well as the girls who buy the company’s clothing.

4. Abercrombie Tween Store Logo Design

Abercrombie Tween Store Logo Design
This is the pre-teen store owned by Abercrombie and Fitch, offering fashions inspired by the adult clothing line in sizes and cuts more appropriate for the younger market. The branding clearly ties Abercrombie in with the parent store. The name is written in the company’s signature font, but in navy blue rather than black and in all lower-case letters to be friendlier to a younger market. The moose, a well known icon of Abercrombie and Fitch, is the central image in this logo.

5. 77 kids Tween Store Logo Design

77 kids Tween Store Logo Design
This is another pre-teen spin-off of a teen brand, in this case American Eagle Outfitters. 77 kids ties into the parent brand in a less obvious manner than most. Rather than an eagle, a smaller bird is the central image. The drab color scheme is replaced by a tween friendly bright blue and sage green. The writing is more flamboyant and appears to have been hand colored, giving this brand an injection of youth and fun. This combined with the affiliation of a well known older kids’ brand should make 77 kids a success in this market.

6. P.S Tween Store Logo Design

P.S Tween Store Logo Design
This tween clothing store is another pre-teen spin-off, this time from Aeropostale. The link to the parent company is clearer, however. While the letters of the store name are boldly displayed in bright blue, the words ‘from Aeropostale’ are written below, with Aeropostale written in the company’s signature font. The simplicity of the design will give this newly opening line of stores a good start in a competitive business.

7. Razzberry Lips Tween Store Logo Design

Razzberry Lips Tween Store Logo Design
What does a girl need to go with all those stylish clothes? A line of makeup and accessories made just for tweens, along with (surprise) more stylish clothes. Razzberry Lips is the perfect store for all of the above, and their logo shows it. The circle is a friendly shape to little consumers, and the pink and purple colors are perfect for this age group. The yellow adds a modern touch while drawing attention to the logo. The pretty pink lips tie into the name, while a tiny heart dots an ‘I’. The company tagline below helps girls figure out what they will get at this store: a place ‘where girls can be girls’.

8. Juvie Tween Store Logo Design

Juvie Tween Store Logo Design
This store offers boutique quality clothing for tweens only. The logo shows this with a sophisticated aqua and black color palette. The key shape is a friendly circle, while the lower case initial and extra dot add juvenile flair. A white star ties into the star dotting the eye of the name, while the tagline, ‘Clothing and gifts for older kids’, makes sure people know what size merchandise to expect.

9. La Senza Girl Tween Store Logo Design

La Senza Girl Tween Store Logo Design
This logo may look simple, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The pink color palette is perfect for the tween girl, while the large block letters are substantial and eye catching. They also resemble the letters given for sportsmanship in high school, a coveted item. The letters are slightly slanted, which gives the logo a feeling of movement. There is no image, but the logo doesn’t really need one.

10. Gap Kids Tween Store Logo Design

Gap Kids Tween Store Logo Design
This division of the Gap has perhaps the simplest logo on this list, but nonetheless one that has been popular with this age group for decades. The blue is calming and yet timeless, while the font is simple. The color and font tie in to the parent brand—in fact, the only difference is the inclusion of the word ‘kids’. This allows brand loyal tweens to become brand loyal adults still buying Gap products.

There is a huge difference in the branding of different tween stores. Some go for an image more like that of the older teen, while others aim for a more youthful, age appropriate image. Either way, these ten are all winners because they use color, shape, and image to win over an audience known for being fickle and brand-conscious.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.