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Are you ready to feel warm for a few minutes? These tropical logos may not give you a tan, but they will definitely bring up images of warm sand and palm trees. These travel logos are all very different, but they all are successful in invoking images of sun and surf.

1. The Islands of the Bahamas Logo Design

The Islands of the Bahamas Logo Design
The shape of this beautiful logo follows the general shape of the islands that make up the Bahamas, although the petal-like appearance of the individual shapes makes it also appear to be a garland of tropical flowers. The colors are bright and most definitely tropical. The rounded, mainly lower case writing is friendly and inviting. In all, this logo design is an excellent representative of this group of islands, and one that will be beautiful when placed on t-shirts and other tourist merchandise.

2. Reef & Rainforest Research Centre Logo Design

Reef & Rainforest Research Centre Logo Design
This research organization focuses on saving reefs and rainforests, two key components of tropical areas. The fish in the image refers to the reef, while the leaf refers to the rainforest. The way both of these is given a roughly similar shape is attractive and makes for a well balanced image. The blue and green color palette combined with the thin, rounded writing creates a friendly and calm image that suggests that this organization is an answer to problems.

3. Tropical Asphalt Logo Design

Tropical Asphalt Logo Design
This company creates home products, which is why a straightforward and trustworthy square is such an appropriate shape. The image is of thick palm branches, appearing to create a shelter over the wording. The plain, bold letters combined with the line between the two words gives a simple, strong image that is exactly what people want in products for their roof and home.

4. Tropical Catering and Decorating Logo Design

Tropical Catering and Decorating Logo Design
In order to create a logo design for a business such as this, the designer must combine tropical images relating to the name with images related to high quality and elegance, befitting a style-oriented catering and decorating business. This logo fits the bill exactly. First, the leafy images normally seen in tropical logos are present, but smaller and more symmetrical. The company’s initials are written in an upscale, swirling font reminiscent of a five star hotel. The spa-like colors are calming, with tropical green and gray accented by a small amount of dark red. This logo design blends the two considerations perfectly, and is definitely the work of a professional.

5. Travel Pacific Logo Design

Travel Pacific Logo Design
A travel company definitely must have a logo that makes people want to get away, and this logo definitely achieves that goal. The blues and yellows are a nice departure from the often used greens. The rays coming off the sun and the ocean waves are both made from similar wavy shapes that give a feeling of movement that is particularly appropriate in this field. The tagline implies that a tropical Pacific vacation is a more unusual choice that offers a very different experience than the usual island getaway.

6. Jungle Products Logo Design

Jungle Products Logo Design
This line of organic coffee requires a very different logo design from the average tropical company. First, we see an earthy brown that is relevant to the product, rather than bright colors. Second, the central shape is of an inclusive circle. Last, rather than crisp lines, this logo has jagged edges that give an artisan image. However, the inclusion of a palm tree image makes sure this logo is distinctly tropical. The tagline below promises that organic is not the only benefit that this brand offers.

7. Disney’s Caribbean Beach Logo Design

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Logo Design
This logo is as tropical as it gets, from the palm trees to the waves to the Caribbean color scheme. Wavelike shapes line the logo, invoking image of water and waves. The thin writing fits well between the many different images in this logo design, which creates an attractive whole.

8. Caribbean Tourism Organization Logo Design

Caribbean Tourism Organization Logo Design
Instead of bright colors, this logo design uses earthy tones that make it stand out among tropical brands. A desert island sits invitingly in the midst of a light blue ocean, with a red sun setting in the background, which is an attractive image for people seeking a desert getaway. While the round shape is inviting, the most noticeable shape is the wavy pattern on the sand, which communicates movement. The impression is that the Caribbean is an island getaway, but one that is friendly to outsiders and offering a constantly changing range of attractions. This modern image presents the region as an up-to-date and stylish place to have a holiday.

9. Aero-Caribbean Logo Design

Aero-Caribbean Logo Design
Few images are as distinctly tropical as that of a sun setting on the ocean, which makes this the perfect image for this logo design. An airplane takes off in the foreground, which obviously relates to the industry at hand. The waves are a symbol of movement that is also appropriate here. The simple black and white combined with the minimalist images give a modern and sophisticated touch that completes the picture of this brand as a contemporary choice for tropical air travel.

10. Chiquita Bananas Logo Design

Chiquita Bananas Logo Design
This is not exactly a tourist industry, but it may have reached further into American households than any other tropical brand. This company, which is more than one hundred years old, adopted this logo in the 1960’s. The woman relates to the meaning of the name, which is Spanish for a small girl. The woman originally was half human and half banana, which can now only be seen in the way her body curves at the bottom of the image. The fruit basket on her head relates directly to the product as well. The yellow obviously is reminiscent of the bananas, while the blue is calming and contrasts well.
As you can see, tropical logos can be very diverse while still relating to their product and following the principles of good design. These logos come from a variety of industries, but all retain a distinct warm weather flavor. A professional logo designer will know how to create a logo design for your company that similarly incorporates your past, present, and future into a single attractive image.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.