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There was a time when being vegetarian or vegan meant a life of salads and lentils. However, businesses catering to this niche market are finding huge success. Here are the top ten vegetarian and vegan food logos, created to appeal to a very discerning and even picky group of eaters. As you will see, there are many different ways to approach vegetarian logos, although certain themes are definitely prominent.

1. Eden Organic Vegetarian Logo Design

Eden Organic Vegetarian Logo Design
The primary shape of this vegetarian logo design is a circle that is filled with stylized plants. The symmetry and simplicity of logo designs make it a winner. While the image is super friendly, the writing is bold and substantial to add some substance and imply that this is a well established and trustworthy company. The color green is commonly used in vegetarian logo design because it implies both the earth and vegetables, both of which are obviously relevant to the field of vegetarian eating.

2. Yves Veggie Cuisine Logo Design

Yves Veggie Cuisine Logo Design
This vegetarian food company is trying to give a more sophisticated image, implying that foodies can find fare worthy of their high standards in this line of products. The French name combined with the prominent use of the word ‘cuisine’ accomplishes this, but the logo design is an integral part as well. A distinctly French figure is seen holding a basket of veggies. The name of the company is written in a combination of black and brights that are reminiscent of an urban bistro. This company uses a tagline to further emphasize both the quality of the food and its health benefits.

3. Gardein Logo Design

Gardein Logo Design
This line of vegetable-based protein foods has a vegetarian logo design that is modern and attractive. The wording is written in a friendly, lower case font that is rounded and bubbly. The ‘I’ is drawn to be a small plant leaning toward a sunny arc, which clearly relates to the vegetables involved. While the name of the company is written in an earth-friendly green, the tagline is written in a serious and sophisticated black. The tagline explains the name and makes it clear that this is not an accidental misspelling.

4. Gardenburger Logo Design

Gardenburger Logo Design
This brand is one of the best-known makers of vegetarian burgers, and its logo shows its sense of tradition. The logo design is simply the name of the company written in gentle, neat handwriting. The green is relevant and stylishly offset with subtle tan shading. The use of a period after the brand name also adds a substantial feeling, Like many vegetarian logo designs, this one has a prominently displayed tagline to further communicate information about their brand to interested consumers.

5. Linda McCartney Logo Design

Linda McCartney Logo Design
This brand uses a combination of sophistication and friendliness to build a vegetarian logo design with a well-balanced and appealing feel. First, the name of the company is written in a serious, newsy font with thin letters. The tagline is centered below in the same font, although it slightly smaller lettering. Although this would be an overly serious and even boring logo design on its own, the wording is balanced by Linda McCartney’s autograph—just the first name, which gives a friendly feeling—and a smiling heart. This offsets the serious black writing and yields a very balanced logo design.

6. Fantastic Foods Logo Design

Fantastic Foods Logo Design
This vegetarian food company uses flavors and ideas from all over the world, a global perspective that is communicated carefully in its logo design. The logo is in the beveled rectangle shape of a travel stamp. The red is eye-catching and bright, while the bold white letters contrast well. A small image of a compass combined with the words ‘Never Ending Discovery’ further the feeling of global sensibility. Anyone who sees this logo will understand that this brand offers more exotic vegetarian choices, which makes the logo design a winner.

7. Veggie Ranch Logo Design

Veggie Ranch Logo Design
This company specializes in vegetarian versions of fast food favorites, which is why their logo is humorous and yet appropriate. A youthful orange makes the letters highly visible, while their slight angle gives an impression of movement. A cow’s head is cleverly constructed of a carrot, which relates to the aim of providing fast food favorites. Lower case letters in an eco-friendly green show an animal loving focus behind these products. It is hard not to suspect that this company is a fun and friendly place to interact with. In all, this is a unique logo for an equally unique company.

8. Cedarlane Logo Design

Cedarlane Logo Design
This brand has a vegetarian logo design that relates directly to the company name. First, a cedar tree flanks either side of the writing. Second, a woodsy shade of green makes up the sole color of the logo. The letters are serious and straightforward, with sections of underlining for emphasis. While this logo doesn’t exactly scream ‘food’, it is nonetheless attractive, relevant, and recognizable.

9. Amy’s Kitchen Logo Design

Amy’s Kitchen Logo Design
This brand was started by parents looking for two parents looking for vegetarian home cooking to feed their daughter Amy. The picture ties directly into this history, with a maternal figure handing a steaming pie to a small girl. The tradition implied by this logo is unusual in vegetarian foods and thus serves to differentiate the company from its competitors. The red lettering adds to the traditional image, as red is used commonly in diners and other comfort food eateries.

10. Bumble Bar Logo Design

Bumble Bar Logo Design
There was a time when vegetarians had a hard time finding energy products to meet their needs, but that time is history now. Bumble Bar is one of many vegetarian supplement brands offering an energy bar, so the company must use a vegetarian logo design that differentiates it from the others. The attention-grabbing red and black color scheme draws the eye into the stylized bee that is the primary image. The circle around the bee makes it appear more friendly, which is important as most people are afraid of the stinger. The writing is gently curved to give a feeling of movement and change that is important in this field.

BONUS: Gluten Free Bakery Logo Design

Gluten-Free Bakery Logo Design & BrandingAs a bonus, we include one of the clients – a gluten free bakery – for whom we had created a winning logo design. The design that they came up with is one that’s reminiscent of bakeries that you might see in small towns. It’s pretty simple but gives off a warm and friendly vibe that easily draws in the customer. It’s a design that makes it clear to consumers that this a gluten-free establishment, but that doesn’t mean the baked goods are any less delicious than others! You can read the full case study of the gluten-free bakery brand identity.
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