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Top 10 Wave Logos: A wave is more than a result of the tides; it is a symbol of movement and change. Just as the tide brings in fresh water, a wave logo design represents an influx of fresh ideas. Just as a river current might move a raft, it represents advancing in a positive direction. The following ten logos use waves to communicate these ideas and more, creating a powerful image for their customers and community and follows the logo design trends of 2010 posted yesterday.

1. Surfrider Foundation Logo

Surfrider Foundation Logo
Charitable foundations are usually focused on change, making a logo appropriate. However, it is hard to think of a foundation that merits a wave more than this one. The Surfrider Foundation encloses the shape inside a rectangle, which gives the wave logo sense of trustworthiness and tradition while creating an attractive image with well-defined borders. An ultra-traditional font adds to the sense of the convention, although the italics match the wavy theme well.

2. UC Santa Barbara Logo

UC Santa Barbara Logo Design
This university is located in the beachfront town of Santa Barbara and thus can benefit from incorporating this shape into its logo. Besides this obvious connection, there is no reason that a university should not use a symbol of change and movement, as this is supposed to be the site of new thoughts. In this case, the deep sea blue and the rich gold are both appropriate colors for a school located in a wealthy seaside community, and the serious font gives a scholarly touch that grounds the oceanic theme.

3. CharterWave Logo

CharterWave Logo
These waves are decidedly fluid, overlapping each other in various shades of blue. This is a popular trend in a modern logo, but this image is clearly reaching toward the timeless by toning down the overlap. The watery feeling of this logo is clearly appropriate for a chartered yacht company, while the rectangular shape gives a sense of tradition. Upper case letters in a modern font add to the timely yet timeless image.

4. Roshni Gar Logo

Roshni Gar Logo Design
This nonprofit and philanthropic agency offers community activities and services for female immigrants to the area. We see this shape incorporated throughout the logo, this time in feminine purples as well as oceanic blue. The handwritten look of the organization name gives a personal touch that women and girls will appreciate. Circles create an inclusive and friendly image, while a tagline below makes it easy to see exactly what Roshni Gar’s purpose is. This logo shows how other colors can be used (not blue) in a logo without diminishing the power of the image.

5. Wave Alchemy Logo Design

Wave Alchemy Logo Design
This company uses this shape, but in this case a sound wave. However, it represents the same sentiment. The wave in calming blue represents change while tying into the music industry in which this company is focused. Lower case letters are informal and offset the seriousness of the many lines in the music logo design. This is a new and interesting way of using this shape in the logo, and a very successful one as well.

6. Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival Logo

Martha’s Vineyard Logo
In this case, a wave-like a shape creates the initials of the film festival, tying the shape into the name. While this shape is always appropriate for a film festival logo that encourages new ideas and techniques in international film, it is more so for a community that is surrounded by ocean. Blue is the obvious color choice for a logo, but green adds an earthy touch that is definitely complimentary to the film festival. Because of the way the colors are arranged, this could be interpreted as the ocean meeting the land as it does in this seaside community.

7. Ocean Grove Baptist Church Logo

Ocean Grove Baptist Church Logo Design
Most churches don’t focus on change and movement so much as tradition and morality. Incorporating a popular symbol of change into the logo for a church will help it stand out from the crowd. The prominent use of lower case letters also adds to the general informal feeling. This logo is very different from most religious logos: sleek, minimalist, and ultra-modern, appealing to people looking for a less traditional version of the religion that they grew up with. Hopefully, this is exactly the image that the organization has in mind.

8. Clean Wave Ventures Logo

Clean Wave Ventures Logo Design
Because water and the color blue are both associated with cleanliness, it makes sense for a company using both elements to have the name ‘clean’ in its name. This logo uses both this shape and the inclusive circle, along with an expanded range of colors including orange and green to create an eye-catching image. Simple, rounded lettering combines to add to the clean, friendly image. Using modern lines without details or frills makes it easy to keep a modern and uncluttered image (read logo mistakes) even with many different elements.

9. Blue Wave Bar & Grill Logo Design

Blue Wave Bar & Grill Logo Design
This is also a way of using the wave in a clean, uncluttered fashion with modern edges, but in a very different way than we saw before. The wave appears to be a hand-painted Modern lettering in a slightly off-kilter placement gives a friendly and informal feeling. A thin blue line below gives the logo defined proportions and a finished feeling. This restaurant logo design is a bar and grill and does a great job of advertising the waterfront location and casual feeling of the establishment.

10. Wave Broadband Logo Design

Wave Broadband Logo Design
This logo design is a winner because it incorporates this symbol into the lettering instead of using it in a separate image. Each letter has curvy elements reminiscent of a wave in a clear, watery blue. This gives the design a simplicity that is appropriate for a technology company logo design. A tagline ensures that people understand exactly what industry this logo design is designed for.

Although the wave communicates the same basic elements, it nonetheless can be modified to work well with a variety of logo designs and companies. These ten logos show how versatile a single shape really can be.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.