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Are you running a communications company? Do you feel like you need a special advantage, and edge that will allow you to get a leg up on the competition? If so, a professionally designed logo design may be exactly what you need to lead your company into the future. Many people choose a company based on it’s identity image, aesthetics, or even impulse. Your Communication logo design can have a huge effect on all three of these factors, which means they can have an immense effect on your business’s success and your profit margins.

First, there are shapes that are widely associated with the industry. Wave-like shapes are common because they are associated with change and movement, which is important in an industry where obsolescence can come just months after a product’s release. The wave is also associated with radio waves and satellites, which is definitely relevant to the communications business. Triangles are common because they give a feeling of strength and are also similar in shape to old-fashioned radio towers. Squares communicate straightforwardness and honesty, which can be important as many people feel baffled by their own communications products and services.

Second, color choice is an important factor. It is common to see serene blues and greens in these logos because these colors are generally calming. After all, communications devices and services are meant to make life easier, not more stressful. Other people may be looking not so much for a calming experience as for an ultra hi-tech logos one. If your target audience includes these people, attention-grabbing reds and yellows may be a better choice. An experienced logo designer can find out what you want to say with design an image that is exactly perfect for you.

Concrete images, such as of telephones, satellites, and other objects associated with the industry, may not be a good choice for many companies. This is due to the timeless nature of a logo. In most cases, communications companies will want a telecom logo design that they can use for years or even decades. Images that are modern today may be obsolete in a few years; just think about what cell phones looked like a few short years ago. Although images are the cornerstone of many logo designs, they must be used with particular care in communications identities. Many logo designers prefer to use more abstract images or even ones with a timeless appeal in this particular genre.

As you can imagine, communications brands are not a simple, straightforward subject. There are a variety of colors and shapes that can be used and relatively few rules. While you may be tempted to use a stock logo, this will only mark your company as generic and even unprofessional. A professional designer knows how to find out what makes your company so unique and turn this into an attractive and appealing logo design that can represent your company for decades to come.