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Logos have always been a part of businesses’ branding campaign, but what happens when one’s logo looks just like any other?

That’s exactly what’s happening in the dental industry. Dental logos need revamping – fast! If you’ve noticed, there’s little differentiation among many dental logos that you’d think they’re done by the same hand. If you want to stand out from competition, then you have to create a great first impression.

Overused Dental Image

When it comes to creating dental brands, designers typically use images that are related to the dental profession. These include a tooth, smile, and toothbrush. That’s three images and you have like tens of thousands of dental practices around the world to use them. Not surprisingly, the images have become overused and have looked strikingly similar to each other.

The challenge logo designers are facing is how to make their design fresh and unique. One approach is to put a unique spin on traditional images. Here are some examples.

Dental Logo Design Basics

It’s clear that you need to create a dental practice logo design that stands out. However, you still have to make sure that it is appropriate to your client’s target market. Dental clinics are an object of fear for many. An effective logo removes the element of fear and establishes an element of trust. It should make patients feel like they can trust a practitioner to resolve their dental woes. Here are some basic features that logo designers should consider:

Color. You would want calming and soothing colors – nothing bright, nothing bold. Colors can communicate to patients a lot about the kind of service you give. Some dental clinics use red and pink – the colors of tongue and gums. However, these colors also remind patients of blood. If you don’t want illicit negative emotions in your patients, then you should avoid these colors. Some clinics use black and white to evoke formality and tradition. Unfortunately, many end up looking austere and dreary. If you want a more inviting atmosphere, go for light blue or green colors. White is also great for communicating hygiene or cleanliness.
Keep the color combination minimal. Excessive use of color can make your dental practice logo design look cluttered, confusing, and unprofessional.
Font. Your choice of typeface can very much influence the mood or atmosphere your dentist logo conveys. Typeface style and size can give an impression of playfulness, modern, classic, bold, etc. While projecting an image of professionalism is important, you don’t want to appear cold and uninviting. The logo designer has to find that subtle balance between friendliness and professionalism.
Symbols/images. Most dental designs are a combination of texts and symbols. As already mentioned, there are only a few symbols you can use, and these symbols are already overused. Again, the challenge is to make it new and interesting. Just make sure to include symbols that communicate care, concern, and wellness. If it’s a dental clinic for children, then cartoonish illustrations would be more appropriate.
Versatility. The logo should look good on a small scale (e.g., email, document) as it would on the dentist’s signage.

Some final words. Talk to your client before starting your logo design. Know their target patients, their business goals and objectives, how they would like their patients to perceive their clinic. Do they want to look affordable, child-friendly, or professional? Create as many logos as possible and present them to your client. Let them pick the final design.

Use an illustrative logo. This is especially important if your practice includes children. Most people feel intimidated by dental visits, and a text-only logo will not do anything to relieve this anxiety. Having a friendly illustration in your dental logo will make your practice seem more welcoming. A friendly illustration could include happy people, animals, or rounded shapes. Nature scenes are also calming, although it can be hard to make these images fit the dental industry. Whatever illustration you choose, it is sure to be a benefit to your business. Illustrative logos tend to help with logo branding by allowing your community to give your business a ‘face’. Most people will remember a business with an original and appropriate dental illustration.

Avoid clichés. In general, teeth and toothbrushes are over-represented in the dental industry. While a quality graphic artist can make even the most generic symbol new and interesting, your best bet is to choose a unique way of showing your field. A qualified graphic designer should be to produce several design ideas that fit your business and your community. This will make your logo stand out in the community and in the minds of customers.