In many households, pets are the foundations that hold the family together. Families care deeply for their pets and they want to know that they are receiving the best care that they can possibly provide to them. As an animal related business, you’ll require an identity that will communicate to your customers that you will provide excellent services to their pets.

Whether you are a groomer, veterinarian, kennel or doggie daycare, your consumers will want to know that they can trust you with their pets as you can see in the dog mascot character. One way of instilling trust in your consumers is to have a professional and unique branding that shows you care about your business and their pets. You will also want to be sure that your business provides excellent customer service and that you provide the utmost care that you possibly can to your client’s pets.

If your business focuses on a particular type of animal, you will want to incorporate that animal in your logos. If your business is open to various services, you may choose to incorporate all or some of those animals as well. This will ensure that your consumers know whether or not you work with those types of animals. For example, if you offer specialty products and services to cats, you will want to only incorporate cats.

The type of branding that you choose will be the face of your business. People are very picky about their animals and they only want the best. A professional logo design that has cute aspects to it will appeal to your targeted consumer the most and make your logo work for you. Using cute designs is absolutely recommended in this industry. You want consumers to say, “Ahhh” when they see your pet shop logo design, this will only make them want to take their pet to you even more. You do want the design to be unique, however, so that you are not confused with another business by the consumer.

Using a brand image that is noticeable by pet owners and incorporating your pet branding into every aspect of this industry in your community will insure that your business will be a success.


Twenty years ago, no one could have predicted that house pets would become big business, but this certainly is the case now. Many people are as willing to spend money on their pet as on their child. All over the UK, pet businesses are opening to meet this new and growing demand.

Karen Oliver didn’t intend to become a business owner, but she realised the need was thereafter rescuing two dogs last year from her local animal shelter. She enjoyed walking her dogs every day around her hometown of Longbenton and began speaking to other pet owners. She researched the market and discovered that there were not enough pet services companies in her area to meet a quickly growing need.

People purchase pets on a regular basis or give them to children as gifts, but few people consider how the dog will be cared for while they are at work. A lonely and poorly supervised pet often develops problem behaviours, such as chewing on furniture. An alternative to getting rid of the animal, who often cannot help their behaviour, is to pay someone to check on the dog and take them for a walk. This is precisely what has made CDA Pet Services so successful.

CDA Pet Services further found several niches that were underserved in Ms Oliver’s area. First, most dog walkers take the animals on an unvaried, rather boring route. Ms Oliver offers walks in a variety of locations, including farms, beaches, and parks. She varies the length of the walk according to the dog’s needs. These ‘deluxe’ services have allowed CDA Pet Services to differentiate from other similar businesses.

Second, while many dog-walking businesses have the word ‘pet’ in their name, few offer services for other types of pets. CDA Pet Services is rather unique in offering services such as pet sitting for animals as diverse as birds, rabbits, and hamsters. This gives them the added boost of being a ‘one stop’ provider for all of a household’s animal needs.

Although the business has only been open for a short time, its position in the market has led to a comfortable slate of customers across Tynesdale and Northumberland. Ms Oliver is currently working with Tedco in Jarrow to acquire funding to pay for a website, which is the same organisation that helped her develop her business plan. Hopefully, a professional logo design and brand identity are also in the works. While sole proprietors can often get away without these things at the expense of their business, a pet logo design will be essential to CDA Pet Services’ growth. CDA Pet Services has an added advantage of serving an underserved group of needs, but a professional brand identity will be crucial as the business and its competition both grow.

Pet services are just one type of business that is growing right now. If you think you know of an underserved market, talk to a consultant today about what type of brand will appeal to them and give you the success that you deserve.


Sometimes it makes sense to have an animal in your logo design—such as when this animal is in your company name, or when you run a business that caters to furry customers. However, using animal images in logo samples without an obvious reason such as this is becoming more and more common, enough that many of us would even call it a trend. Some of this is due to the fact that certain animals are associated with particular qualities, but some seems a little gratuitous. Check out the following ten Animal Image Identities and see what you think.


Squared Eye Animal Imagae Identities
1 This logo is interesting and attractive but seems to have little to do with the name. The sole image is a cartoonish whale floating happily in what must be the world’s largest fishbowl. A plaid texture in the water adds a modern feeling a little interest. The name is written in upper case letters with serifs that are modern but not overly so. The story behind this logo—hopefully, there is one—could become a part of the company lore, like the Macy’s star logo, to prevent customer confusion.


2 It is hard to imagine trying to separate a pair of elephants, and perhaps this is the reason to use these large and reputedly loyal beasts in this logo. Besides this, the only real relevance between the business and this logo that represents it lies in the joined trunks, which form a U to tie into the name. This logo is not just using the popular animal trend; it also uses the origami logo trend, as the elephants appear to be formed of folded paper. The charcoal color is close to sophisticated black but allows viewers to see the detail in the shape.


Crockery Animal Image Identities
3 This example is different from out previous ones in that it is easy to see how the animal, in this case, a crocodile logo, ties into the brand. While many people might struggle to tie the two concepts together, this image seems effortless. Bright colors dominate and give a sense of youthful fun that is furthered by the juvenile style of the art. The writing is in rounded, lower case letters to further add to the sense of lightheartedness.


4 This logo design is a good contrast to the previous one. While the Crockery logo was friendly, the Forester one is stern and forbidding. Colorful vs. colorless, informal vs. stern: the differences are clear to see. Another key difference is that it is difficult to see why this company, which specializes in car accessories, chose a raccoon as its mascot. While this raccoon is certainly forbidding, it is not a species generally associated with either cars or the kind of attitude that this one is displaying.


5 Is ‘whale’ perhaps the next huge logo design trend? We are beginning to wonder, considering that this is the second logo on this short list to use the same creature. In this case, the whale obviously is a representation of just how big these colors are. The whale is almost like a toucan, with a colorful snout on an otherwise stark black body. The writing is informal and gentle to give a friendly feeling.


6 Here is an animal we haven’t seen in any of our logos so far: the peacock. This bird often signifies a variety of things, such as pride, royalty, and beauty, and the color scheme of purple and gold seems to support all of these. It also is made of a letter S, which adds a touch of cleverness. Because purple often represents spirituality as well, it is doubly appropriate as a color. The name is written in subtly curved writing that follows the shape of the peacock’s body and tail for a well rounded and cohesive image.


7 A photographer who mainly takes children photos, but occasionally other subjects, needs a very special kind of photography logo. While the brand is clearly based on the main service, it also must be broad enough to encompass the entire scope of the business. Apparently, an impossibly long-legged bird image fulfills both—or does it? In any case, the font, which is thin and round but still somewhat traditional in feeling, is a perfect choice for this photography studio, as are the pastel yet adult colors.


8 Our third bird in a row is designed to portray yet another emotion, in this case, a positive outlook. A bright pink color certainly gives a positive feeling and even a touch of femininity, while the smiley face formed from the bird emphasizes this. Lower case writing in a rounded font matches the emotion of the image perfectly. The bird is only barely part of this logo, which might make you wonder why it is there in the first place.


9 Here we see a large dog formed from the name of the business. While working a business name into an image is a popular logo trend right now, it is unknown exactly why this company chose a dog. There is a good chance that the company is trying to refer to the loyalty, energy, and fun-loving nature of a dog by using this animal in their image. However, it is difficult to tell, which can lead to a certain amount of brand confusion.


10 It’s easy to see why a company with a “zoo” in its name would use an animal image. The letters of the first word are connected to create a perch for a happy little parrot, which is drawn in a vibrant, modern style that matches the bright color palette and the youthful font. Green and other earthy colors give a tropical feeling, while a golden yellow background adds a sunny and positive feeling. Several round elements create a sense of congruency throughout the logo design, from the bird’s eyes to the O’s.
Unless otherwise stated all copyrights to the top 10 logos shown above belong to their respective owners. SpellBrand has not designed any of these designs unless explicitly mentioned in the review itself.


Americans love their pets, and many are more than willing to put their money where their mouth is. Pet food and products have become big business, and a growing segment of the logo industry as well. These pet logos from companies ranging from national giants to tiny niche industries have relevant, playful pet logos that appeal to pet owners all over the nation.


WebVet Logo Design
This website is one of the largest pet websites on the internet, with information on raising healthy pets of all types and even social networking capabilities. The logo is in earth tones that are relevant to healthy lifestyles. The wording is rounded for a friendly feeling, but the most noticeable element is the ‘V’. The tops of the letters fold over to resemble a dog’s floppy ears, tying in to the company’s purpose.


Petco Logo Design
Petco is the largest pet store in the United States, so it is only appropriate that it have a logo that is both attractive and eye catching. The wording is thick, red, and rounded, which makes it seem strong and friendly at the same time. The image above includes a dog and a cat snuggled together. Their smiles and bright colors are hard to miss, making this a friendly and playful logos that will entice pet owners who want similarly joyful pets.


Purina Logo Design
We’ve talked a lot about the power of the square, and this logo incorporates several of this straightforward shape in a checkerboard pattern that has become a recognizable and unique part of the brand. The red and white is distinctive and draws the eye to the logo. The checkerboard pattern is not just decorative; it is designed to look like a red and white checkered picnic tablecloth. The idea that Purina foods offer a tasty picnic for pets cannot be missed.


Blue Buffalo Logo Design
This all natural pet food company has purposefully adopted a logo that is different from those of its competitors to show its different focus. Although it uses a square shape, the Southwestern details are noticeable. The central image is of a blue buffalo, tying in to the product name. The blue on blue color palette is calming and very different from the colors used in most other pet logos.


Meow Mix Logo Design
Meow Mix not only has one of the most memorable jingles in the world of pet products, it has one of the most memorable logos as well. The color scheme of yellow, orange, and red is an attention-getter. The lettering is fashioned to look like a striped tabby cat who is clearly enthusiastic about the product. Small movement lines indicate that the cat is literally trembling with anticipation. The message that cats enjoy this food cannot be missed.


Iams Logo Design
Iams makes some of the country’s most popular pet foods. Their logo is like many successful logos because it is both simple and memorable. The writing is rounded to appear more friendly, but thick and bold as well. The paw print in the corner of the logo incorporates another friendly element: the circle. This also implies a ‘stamp of approval’, which is an important image for this pet food super-corporation.


Eukanuba Logo Design
Eukanuba is a super premium pet food brand with a focus on both high quality and specialized formulas for a variety of pet types and sizes. Their logo is different from other logos in its rich pink color and in the use of a more straightforward font with few frills or noticeable details. Like Iams, it has a paw print in the upper right hand corner of the logo, which is appropriate because Eukanuba is owned by the same company.


Milk-bone Logo Design
Milk-bone is one of the most recognizable names in dog treats and it’s easy to see why with a powerful logo that has been used for decades. Their logo shows their main product: the distinctively bone shaped dog biscuit. The company name is written across the bone in bold, black letters. The year of establishment is also written across the top of the bone to emphasize the company’s long history of trustworthiness. The bone is angled away from the viewer, giving a sense of movement and direction to this simple but memorable logo.


JurassiPet Logo Design
When most people think of pets, they think of furry mammals. However, retiles are one of the fastest growing types of pets. Many people have a snake, lizard, or turtle as a pet, and these animals need specialized products that cater to their special needs. JurassiPet may be the best known of these brands, and their memorable, appropriate logo may be a part of this. JurassiPet’s logo features a reptilian eye, which is likely a friendly image to the reptile pet owner. The color is green, which is earthy and calm. The writing is bold and somewhat archaic, matching the theme of this logo.


Outward Hound Logo Design
Many people are including their pets in their outdoor lifestyles and travels, but this means that they need specialized camping supplies made just for their furry companions. Outward Hound offers these products. The logo has a lot of detail, but is nonetheless relevant. A dog sits in the center with several of the most common products surrounding it. Triangular mountains in the background show the strength of the products, while rays coming out from the mountains imply the dawning of a new day. The dark logos combined with the brightly colored accents make the logo really pop.

As you can see, even pet logos must use the same principles as other types of logo designs. Color, shape, and image are all important ways of communicating important aspects of the company to the viewer. Many pet owners have strong connections to certain brands, and this loyalty is at least in part due to the strength of the brand. Because a logo is an important part of any brand, you can begin building your own business empire by getting a logo that is unique and appropriate.


There are many iconographic images of animals in logos from Puma to the Cadbury Bunnies. An image of a company can be represented well with many animal inclusions to a logo. Speed, prowess, control, patients and even wisdom can be easily conveyed through animals.

For a great deal of human history, humans have somewhat anthropomorphized animals, giving them human attributes. I would like to discuss a few common ones just to get the creative juices flowing. But remember, these are not hard and fast or even international necessarily. These are general and apply broadly to the American audiences, though some may transfer to other English speaking countries well.

First I would like to discuss the owl. The owl has been renowned for its wisdom as well as its ability to understand the mysteries of the night. Owls see quite clearly in the night, if you want to steer someone through difficult of troubling times, that could be a strong reminder of you company’s ability to see what others cannot.

Bears have considerable power and strong protective instincts. But they are also cute and approachable thanks to the teddy bear. So a bear can be nurturing as well as strong or brutal. A dog can play the same role – if you select the right kind of dog as the icon of the brand. This depends strongly on presentation, do you need a cuddly bear, or perhaps a sign of strength and determination? Perhaps one of the best characteristics of the bear is that it is so adaptable.

Wolves have, for a long time, been a mysterious animal to many people. To those that are acquainted with them they are loveable curious creatures. But to those they who are not acquainted with them, they are ill omens, striking fear into the hearts of some. This again depends on the depiction of animals logos, so be careful, because this one can bite back if not handled with care.

Cheetahs are paragons of speed and movement. They are known widely for their speed, being the fastest land animal and fastest non-flying animal. If you are selling something where speed counts, cheetahs are one of the quickest recognized for speed. Cheetahs also have a fun color scheme that can become part of the pets logos.

When being regal counts Lions are quickly recognized, they are the royal animal of England. They usually represent dignity, power, justice and ferocity among other things. Lions have a strong response in our culture because while we dislike admitting it, we were once an English colony and as such have strong ties or respect to the lion it would seem. Of course you may not use such designs for animal farm logos such as the Celtic Ridge Farm Logo.

The last animal symbol I will go into will be the Dragon. While it is widely regarded as fantasy, the dragon still holds a great deal of power in a great deal of our hearts. This can be represented in a few ways much like the rest of the animals that have been covered here. Primarily it represents power, pure and simple. There are very few things that stand in the way of a dragon, it achieves it ends the period. Three is also a great deal of wisdom and knowledge associated with the dragon, they are intelligent and extraordinarily long-lived.

These should give you a few good ideas of where you may like to start if you decide to incorporate an animal in your logo design. Remember these are just suggestions you can use whatever animal you want from a ferocious bunny, to a goofy dragon.