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What business could be more image-oriented than entertainment? Visual attractiveness is never as important as it is here. A company trying to find success in this industry must always present a professional and, of course, entertaining image.

Part of this image is having a professional logo design.

What makes these logos successful? This varies from business to business, but for entertainment brands, having an attractive mix of colors and shapes is key. While colors can be easy and even fun to pick out, many people are confused by how shape affects their clients.

Circular logos communicate a sense of friendliness and inclusiveness. A good example using this shape can be seen in our portfolio. Many television logos, from CBS to the Food Network use this shape of logo for this reason. If you look at a circle, there are no corners or hard edges. Circles are the same shape as a planet and even a hug. If you want your business to have this feeling, you may want to consider having this shape used in your logo.

Square logos are the opposite of circles when it comes to their shape and the emotions they convey. This hard-edged shape gives a traditional and straightforward image. Viacom and DirectTV both use squares because they want to appear more established, as the leaders of their industry. This may make customers feel like they are safe giving that business their time and money. A square is also symmetrical and balanced, which leads to visually attractive logos as well.

If you want to give a feeling of strength, the triangle may be the shape you are looking for. The triangle is not only the strongest shape in geometry, but also the shape associated with mountains, pyramids, and other strong objects. Your logo design can communicate the same feeling if you choose this shape.

Color is a separate issue, but it is just as important as shape. Many psychologists have studied the effect of color on the human psyche and found conclusively that people have subconscious reactions to different colors, reactions that affect their emotions and decisions. Color selection has a huge effect on how identities are perceived.


If you work in this business sector or are otherwise involved in media, much of your success will depend on the power of your brand. Whether you are selling your services to customers or to other companies, perception is everything in this industry. The first step to getting a brand that represents you well is to choose the perfect media logo. Here are a few ideas for designing logo designs that will be successful in these fields.

Be Simple and Bold. If you look at the logos for some of the most influential companies in the industry, you will find that many have the company’s name in a bold, legible font in black, capital letters with little or no frills. First, it is very easy to see and recognize the name of the company. Name recognition is one of the most important parts of building credibility, so this gives these companies a huge advantage. Second, this approach has certain style implications. People tend to see a company with a simple, bold logo as big, established, and solid. If this is the impression that you want your branding to portray, a logo featuring your name in large black letters may be a good fit.

Shape Your Image. A logo featuring a mountain doesn’t make much sense when you think about it, but mountains are a common theme in these industries as most of the logos. Why? Because a mountain is a triangular shape. Triangles are the strongest shape in geometry, so they communicate a sense of strength and permanence. Including one in your logo will make your company seem like a safe, established choice, which is imperative if you want to get work from other businesses. Another shape that is well represented is the circle. Circles are popular shapes because they communicate completion and inclusion. Most customers who are buying a product want a complete experience in which they feel included. A circular symbol will make your company well-rounded, both literally and figuratively.

Color Your Public Perception. Color choice will not just make your logos and such elegant logos are aesthetically more pleasing. Color is a powerful language that speaks directly to the subconscious minds of your audience. If you want to communicate that you offer a relaxing experience, deep blues and greens are a good choice. If you want to seem more exciting and cutting edge, reds and yellows are guaranteed to get attention. As mentioned before, black and white can be a powerful choice, though also a boring one if your logo is not boldly designed. Exactly what you want to say with your color choice should be discussed with your graphic artist so you can get the results you want.

As you can see, your logo will not just be a figure on your signs and letterhead. It is a graphic depiction of what your company is all about. Having a great logo can set your company apart from the competition and increase your chances of making it big in a cutthroat industry.