Landscaping Logo Design | Lawn Care Logo Design


A landscaping logo design provides the backbone of any advertising or promotion campaign for your company and/or service. There is a myriad of ways to use landscaping logos. As you work on a project, a lawn sign is usually placed in the yard. This sign, of course, would have your lawn care logo design prominently displayed. Each day you arrived at the job to work diligently.

The side of the truck bringing you and your employees to the job site will have your logo splashed playfully on both sides. There can be no greater promotion of your work than the customer. Each of your customers will remember the logo that you have. This will provide another remarkable amount of advertising via “word of mouth” throughout the area where you are working.

You may find yourself asking, “What exactly is a logo?” A lawn care logo represents the image of a company through the combination of motifs and text. Your slogan or creating taglines can and should be incorporated into your design. The use of a well-presented brand will give added assurance of your strength and credibility to your clients. Consider this when you are thinking of logo ideas for your lawn care business. Beware of using online logo maker software or any free logo maker of any kind as your identity will not be unique and you can not apply for a trademark. You can read more about the pitfalls of free logo makers here.

A company without a strong brand leaves the impression that the company or service is substandard. Your identity can easily express the theme of your company or service. These brands can also be used to target your customer base whether it is residential, commercial, upscale, or middle income. Approaching this audience with a perfect lawn care logo or even a decent professional landscaping logo will ensure you create a lasting impact. Your brand image is the most important asset of your brand marketing strategy.

Landscape identities will provide a unique image just for your business. The use of color plays a vital role. The primary colors are of course the natural colors of various shades of green and brown. It is amazing how easily your logo can be made memorable by the simple use of shapes and colors.

Studies have shown that companies with strong branding have higher than average name recall than those companies without such. It is imperative in today’s competitive economic market that you have a design to remain ahead of the money-making curve. As a landscaper, you want your business to flourish along with the services that you provide. Your thriving customer base deserves the same.


Most related businesses are run by blue-collar guys who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. As a result, in many landscaping business ventures, very little attention and time are given to details like a logo and branding. However, in a business where aesthetics are a crucial part of every job—and a competitive business at that—every landscaper needs the help of designers from a reputable graphic design firm to create a logo that will keep the customers coming. There are a few rules to follow.

Keep it simple. This sector is for the most part a business where the results speak for themselves. The outlook is simple: do what works, and do what looks good. This is probably the reason the most successful logos are usually the most simple ones. Basic shapes, readable text, and an uncomplicated color palette make for a memorable design in this field. Designers from a top graphic design firm know that too much clutter will detract from the success of your lawn service logo.

Keep it natural. This is a business that works with mainly natural elements, such as plants, water, and rocks. Most artificial ingredients used in our landscapes are seen as being inferior or merely utilitarian—think Astroturf. As such, your logo should focus on the beauty of a natural sort. Whether you work mainly with grass, flowers, rocks, or trees, center on the terrestrial side of your business by making natural products the stars of your identity.

Keep it green. When it comes to branding color palettes, green is the most common choice. All it takes is a glance out your window to see why; green is ever-present in our landscapes. However, don’t think this means a boring logo. You can make your logo design more interesting by using two different colors of green, adding an interesting accent color, or by choosing a funkier shade of green (avocado, anyone?). Designers from a graphic design firm will know how to keep your logo green while making it interesting, appealing, and memorable.

Keep it memorable. This is where the designers from the graphic design firm you are working with will have to be creative. All such companies deal with grass and plants, but what sets yours apart from the competition? Do you have an interesting tagline or motto? Whether you are a fun company, an environmentally friendly company, or one with above-average attention to detail, make sure your logo shows what makes you unique.

Successful businesses in this sector have to toe a narrow line, between natural and man-made, between blue-collar and corporate sensibilities, and between quality and cost-effectiveness. Luckily, you don’t have to walk the same tightrope when it comes to design. Hire a graphic design form and let a team of designers develop a logo that is just right for you.