Legal Logo Design | Attorney Logo Design


The profession of law and legal services is a time-honored institution, one of few vocations requiring almost a decade of school as well as countless hours of community service just to enter the field. Many lawyers put in countless hours to help clients get through the most stressful periods of their lives and even more time in completely unpaid pro bono work to help their communities. Despite this tradition of integrity and service, many in the general public feel mistrustful of lawyers. Most attorneys at law jokes are overwhelmingly negative, and lawyers are portrayed in the media as dishonest and avaricious. This is one of the biggest hurdles that a law firm must overcome and can be done in part with a great logo design.

Luckily, there are ways to subtly portray yourself and your firm as trustworthy and established. One major way that you can overcome the negative image attached to lawyers is by presenting a public brand that inspires trust and confidence in the present and future clients. With the help of a marketing professional or a graphic designer, a corporate ‘brand’ can be developed for your company that is recognized by your community. Although this is a multi-step evolution, the first and most important part of this corporate identity branding process is designing a legal logo that presents your company as a trustworthy entity.

When it comes to designing a law firm logo design, many people think they can handle the project themselves or delegate the development of their firm’s attorney logo to an office employee. However, this is often a misguided instinct. In many ways, designing a logo is like speaking a foreign language. Every piece of the logo means something. Although speaking this language may seem simple, it is in fact very easy to make a small mistake that changes the entire message. Having a high-quality, professionally designed logo can make or break the firm. Even personal injury practices should go for a professional identity.

Designing a lawyer logo requires an in-depth knowledge of how different shapes and colors affect people’s emotions. A graphic designer has likely spent years studying these issues and even more, time honing their skills on the job. He or she will take the time to get to know your company’s core values and what kind of brand logo you want to develop. Then, this information can be translated into a law logo that expresses this information on a very subtle and effective level. If you don’t want to risk giving your community and your colleagues the wrong impression, having a professional graphic artist design your logo is your best choice.

Sometimes the most difficult processes look simple when a professional does them, and designing your logo is one of these instances. If you are surprised by the simplicity of your firm logo, rest assured that you have gotten your money’s worth. What’s important is that you end up with a logo that expresses what you want to say in a language more powerful than words, and the simplest designs are often the most powerful. If you don’t have a corporate brand that brings in clientele, contact a graphic designer today.

As always I always warn against the use of free logo maker software since you will not be able to get a unique logo and can not apply for a trademark. But if you are an attorney reading this I do not need to tell you! 🙂