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American District Telegraph or ADT was formed in 1874 by bringing together 57 telegraph delivery companies. By 1910 ADT had become a part of Western Union and then AT&T had entered the erena and developed secure systems. By 1974, ADT turned 100 years old and entered into computer-based automated security solutions. By 1981, ADT introduced SafeWatch Residential system. Today ADT is the leading home solution provider. In the 1990s ADT moved from Parsippany, N.J. to Boca Raton, Florida and changed its name to ADT Services Inc.

ADT has offices in 200 communities throughout North America and is a provider of electronic services to more than six million commercial, government and residential customers throughout North America.

The ADT logo design is a simple text based logo that sports the letters ADT enclosed by a light blue polygon. The home security logo design has remained pretty much the same for quite a few years now. It is robust, simple and best of all easy to brand on the various equipment such as the bell box on the outside of homes that we see, the CCTV cameras and more.

For a company, I would have preferred to see the ADT logo updated to some thing more in tune with the time – such as using a shield etc to hint at protection. We created the City Wide Security Company logo using a modern Web 2.0 logo style of a shield.

“I looked at other residential security company logos such as GE, SVAT, Dakota Alert, DSC Honeywell, Visonic, Optext, Rokonet, Linear, ELK, Winland Electronics, X10, ADEMCO, USP and Altronix and realized that most of them had ordinary logo designs. Nothing really jumped out at me.”