City Logo Design | Landmark Logo Design


When designing city logo design or landmark logos it is very important to get an abstract representation of the city or landmark rather than being very literal. Usually, these logos represent organizations that try and capitalize directly or indirectly on the importance of the uniqueness of the city or landmark.

Using line art is the best way to design such logos. For example in this gallery you will notice a few that use line art and good use of colors to create instantly recognizable outlines of the city landmarks.

City landmark branding is becoming more and more common in a variety of industries. There are several reasons for this popularity. First, with an increasing number of people looking for local goods, communicating your hometown presence may be particularly inviting. Second, some values and products are naturally associated with certain areas. Pizza is associated with New York City; freedom with the Statue of Liberty.

There are several ways that city identity can be successful. First, the place in question must be somehow related to your company or your products, whether it is the town in which you operate or a symbol of one of your company’s core values. Second, city logos are usually most attractive when they are abstract rather than extremely literal. Last, the logo must be unique in order to help your company stand out in your community and your field. While this can be a challenge when dealing with a well-known image, it is definitely possible at the hands of an experienced logo designer.

One way of achieving this abstract and unique effect is by using line art. While many logo designers shy away from this type of image, it is actually one of our specialties! As you can see from the examples on this page, we specialize in creating visually attractive yet completely unique designs. No generic clip art here; every image is completely unique in every way and created just for your company. Whether you are trying to show your local pride or invoke images of a faraway place, our designers will be able to create city logos that are exactly what you want.

Color is another important part of branding. Studies have found that different colors invoke different emotions in your customer base. This should never be taken lightly. Your logo designer will know how to use color to attract attention, invite consumer interest, and create a first impression that will give your company the best possible chance of success.

Last, shape can communicate ideas and emotions in designs. While many people think that these logos are bound to the shape of the landmark in question, these can be gently rounded or made even sharper to create exactly the effect that you desire. These images can also be used in combination with other shapes to create a symmetrical and complete image. Logo designers know how to use shapes to create an emotional connection.

If you are looking for stunning corporate identities, your search can stop here. We are experienced in working with this unique genre. Having a unique, professional logo created for your company is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Give your business the chance at success that it deserves by talking to one of our designers.