Why does a university need a logo? Few people give a lot of thought to this question, but all universities have a logo design that is professional, attractive, and recognized by its students, alumni, and community. Here are just a few reasons that all universities need a new logo design like USF did, that they can be proud of.

School spirit. Having both college and university logos and mascots, like the Simpson University Mascot Design, gives students something to rally around, a concrete image on which to focus their school spirit. If you think about many of the best-known universities in the nation, it is easy to picture their logo and mascot. This is because these universities have taken the time to brand their school, a process that begins with having university logos designed.

Community support. School spirit is important, but everyone who has seen the rabid, middle-aged fans at a college football game knows that community support is just as vital to a college’s image. Having university logos gives the schools in question a public face that members of the community can identify with and support. With the student body and faculty constantly changing, the community needs an unchanging image with which to identify. University brands serve exactly that purpose.

Donations. Many universities, both public and private, depend on donations to fund extracurricular programs as well as big projects such as new construction. In order to successfully solicit money, a school must appear established, like it is a worthy investment in the community’s future. University identities give the institution a more traditional face to show in public, one which often encourages people to open their wallets a little wider.

Aesthetic placement. College logos are placed throughout the school, on letterhead, sweatshirts, and just about every item in the school bookstore. Without an attractive logo, it’s hard to imagine what the item would look like and why a person would buy it. The aesthetic placement of university logos makes the item bearing them all the more attractive, especially to people who attend the school. People love to display the name and brand of their favorite school.

Tradition. Many universities, such as Yale and Dartmouth, have maintained the same logo for centuries. This gives a feeling of tradition that other schools, even the better ones, simply cannot compete with. This doesn’t mean that universities’ identities should never change; it merely underscores the importance of having one in the first place. A well-designed brand logo will be timeless enough to see your institution through years of academic excellence.
As you can see, university branding is a very important part of a school in so many ways. From school spirit to alumni donations, they give people an image around which to rally.