Car Logo Design | Motor Company Logo Design


Companies in the automotive industry have a tough challenge in terms of branding. Not all auto companies are professionals and hence the general perception among the public tends to lean more towards distrust when it comes to dealing with car dealers, garages or other auto companies.

To offset this perception, these companies generally do not have many options. Once a prospect becomes a customer, then the company can show professionalism and build it’s trust. But during the conversion process, it can be challenging. Your brand image can be a powerful tool in this battle. Your auto logo design can play a significant part in building trust when your target market is exposed to your brand.

Investing in branding can be worth a lot for an auto company. We often see companies skimping on branding but trying to spend a lot on subsequent marketing. This really does not give you the best ROI. If your marketing is based on a poor corporate image, the results would reflect that. If your auto company logo design is crafted carefully to work with the sentiments and world view of your prospective customers, this will reduce the friction when it comes time to convert them into paying customers.

Utilizing your corporate image in advertising is an art in itself. But having the right kind of logo would help with those efforts. Developing your brand image through proper advertising and creative design will increase the business that you do. You have to pay for advertising, but if it is something as simple as an car logo design the logo will begin paying for itself.

Logo Design Works has tremendous experience in creating corporate identities for companies in the auto industry.

Most of the samples you see here, center around elegant design style. Typically companies in the auto industry prefer to broadcast their message to their audience in a very elegant way. They prefer upscale and executive logo style. Of course, an upscale image means that the rest of the branding should also match up to the logo. If that does not happen, you will have a brand disconnect.