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Although there is no set color palette for logos in this industry, you will find that your colors are in part determined by your style. You want for your logo design to be both attractive and in keeping with the rest of your business’s brand. This will help you deliver the kind of experience that your logos promise, which will create a satisfied customer base. The same goes for shapes; while there are no rules, all shapes communicate important information to and even inspire emotions in your customers.

Because there are so many types of kitchen stores, there are also many different kinds of kitchen logos and furniture logos. In a field with so many choices, it is more important than ever for you to show customers why you are the best choice. This can be done in several ways. If your business has a certain specialty, your home logos should represent this. There are many ways for a logo designer to use color, shape, and image to show what your niche is.

Fixing up one’s house is something of a national obsession in the United States. People are always looking for a way to make their interior decoration and kitchen furniture a little larger and a little more aesthetically pleasing, putting a considerable amount of money into the process and even taking out loans to complete large projects. There are appliance stores on almost every corner, which makes it even more difficult for each one to stand out in the market. Having designs that are attractive, eye-catching, and appropriate for your industry is one way to make customers take notice.

If your home and kitchen business is more general, the task of deciding what sets you apart can be more complicated. Does your business have a special personal brand, from modern to Victorian? Do you offer a fun, low-pressure buying experience? Are you the upscale retailer in your field or the one where there is always an amazing deal? It’s important to know what makes your business special, both in running your business and in selecting logos. Once you have decided what makes your business unique, your logo designer will be able to transform this into an attractive design that pulls in the crowds.

The amount of competition in this industry can be astounding, but there are ways to give your business a better chance at success. Your designer will be able to take your specialties, your niche, and your unique style, then transform this into an attractive logo that will set you apart in your field. A logo can be not just an attractive image, but the basis of a brand. It’s one of the most important decisions you can make in the course of your business, so why not get started today?


Client Name: Timmerman Studios
Logo Type: Iconic Logos
Client Location: Corona, California
Project Type: Platinum Website

Project Summary:
Custom builders of heirloom quality furniture, millwork, and cabinets. In popular usage, an heirloom is something, perhaps an antique, that has been passed down for generations through family members.

Target Market:
Homeowners, interior designers, architects, collectors?

Design Review:
The client made High-End furniture and wanted an image that could instantly communicate to the audience what the company does. They also wanted to be eco friendly logo. The brand solution we came up with had icons in an abstract form, depicting the various elements of the company such as tools used in the woodwork, a leaf to signify custom and eco-friendliness etc. All the elements of the logo actually started out being elements of different design concepts. We amalgamated them all in the final design that was approved.

Stationery Design:
After the logo design was completed, we created a matching stationery design giving the business card and letterhead a watermark of the carpenter’s tool.



Located in the UK, Anglian is the number one supplier of high-quality house improvements. Products include materials for windows, doors, conservatories, roofs, driveways, garages, and more. With over a million satisfied customers, Anglians also works on large-scale projects such as social housing and working with the government.

The Anglian logo design is a simple iconic logo that depicts an English knight mounted on an armored horse, holding a shield and wielding a lance. The horse has its legs raised giving the logo perspective and energy.

I like this logo because of the simplicity, the negative and positive space usage to create the details of the horse and the knight without using too many lines and the well-balanced font. It is a pity though that except for the logo, the old “anglian” theme is used nowhere else in terms of brand extensions. A quick look at their website reveals that Anglian decided not to show any more theme graphics. I think with such a great name and the hint at the old English solidness, more of the theme should be used in the branding to create greater impact.