Military Logo Design | Army Logo Design

How our experience creating US Army Logo Design and Military Logo Design translates to our clients?

Tactical Wear Online is a Tactical Police & Military Performance Wear and accessories company that wanted a cool looking military logo design for their online store.Their main line is Under Armour Performance wear designed specifically for Law Enforcement & Military personnel. They are adding additional lines such as Camelbak (Gloves, hydration systems) holsters etc.

The client wanted a stunning corporate identity that had a High Tech, Abstract/Artistic and Cutting Edge look and feel. Since their their target customers are Police Tactical units, police in general, bike patrols, Military general, special armed forces, the client wanted an eagle or an army guy as the main icon which had a patriotic theme.

They were also looking for a colorful army logo for the back of a shirt (portrait) and a left chest and hat design (landscape) with possibly a waving flag in the background and silhouette of armed police and military personnel. Creating logo designs for armed forces is always tricky as the message has to be carefully conveyed. The talented team at Spellbrand understands the United States Army requirements and created awesome identities for them and we bring this experience and insight to the table.

We came up with a bunch of different concepts that included emblem and army patch like design sporting silhouettes of army guys, eagles, patriotic stars and stripes. The client was blown away with the variety of creative logo ideas that our team came up with. The client chose a concept that had a silhouette of an army guy aiming through his weapon with a swoosh surrounding the design. Even the swoosh is a little dated, the client felt that their target market would appreciate this design more.

After the army logo design was completed, we also create a flash animated version that the client currently uses on their website. The flash logo can be seen below as well as on their website.

Rallying and Unifying Symbols

Military logos are different in each part of the world. Some are very ornate while others are quite simple. One thing they all have in common, though, is their representation of their country or organization. Each logo has a multitude of symbols that characterize the kind of people who use them. For a logo to be effective, it must fulfill this purpose. If it fails to properly represent the country or organization that uses it, then it fails as a logo. A military logo also stands as a rallying or unifying symbol logos.

All around the world, one vital part of every government is its military. They stand as the country’s defense against war and other threats. A military’s logo is a source of pride and marks them as their country’s protectors. Here are some of the military logos some countries use and how their symbols represent the soldiers themselves or the people they are protecting: