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Logos can be very powerful. They use color, shape, and image to speak to a prospective customer’s subconscious. More important, however, logos can be made to appeal to a certain type of customer. This can be very powerful especially in mortgage logos, where the companies involved want not just to draw in customers, but to draw in a customer from a relatively narrow group. In fact, if you find that your business is not attracting enough customers or enough of the right group of customers, there is a good chance that your logo is to blame.

What makes these logos effective? First, many of them include an image of a house. The type of house varies from market to market, according to the norms in your community and the type of customer you are trying to attract. While this may seem a little generic, an experienced logo designer can create an image that is completely unique and entirely yours. Because mortgage branding ultimately are selling the possibility of a dream home, this image makes sense in many cases.

If you want to avoid using a picture of a house, the triangle is another image commonly associated with homes. The triangle is the shape of a traditional home’s roof, but it is also a symbol of strength and endurance. People want to know that their mortgage company and their home will have both of these qualities. While there are no promises, using a triangular shape in logos can put some of these anxieties to rest.

Lettering is particularly important when it comes to brand identity. One method of using lettering to your best advantage is by using bold and blocky fonts that convey an image of strength and solidity and even using punctuation as logos. This can make you look more formidable, which can be a positive or negative thing depending on the type of image that you are trying to convey. If, on the other hand, you are trying to communicate movement and positive growth, a font with waves and swirls may be a better choice. If you are not sure about what type of font will be best for your brand, talk to your logo designer.

If your company has a unique name or another aspect, this can make an excellent addition to your logo. Brand identities are most effective when they are unique and memorable. Using images that are unique to your company will make it easier to differentiate yourself from the competition and create a brand that customers can believe in. If there is a story behind your logo, it will give people something to talk about, which has the potential to motivate and create a positive buzz.

Branding varies from company to company, making it difficult to make a decision. This is where having an experienced logo designer is such an advantage. These professionals know how to combine your past, present, and future into a unique design that will convey your message to customers and the community, giving your company the exposure it needs to find the success you desire.