The Atomic Guns is an alternative rock music band based in Ukraine. Their music can be compared to Muse, Radiohead, and Imagine Dragons. The band’s high-tech modern rock music is mostly inspired by the music history, the way it’s evolved, and modern music technology that helps produce high-quality sound.

rock music band logo design

Client Name: The Musician
Logo Type: Text-Based Logos
Client Location: Wisconsin Logo Company

Project Summary:
It is a gathering where musicians, other artists, and singers, express their inner thoughts and feelings about whatever they have pondered over in the past. The setting is a very cozy one, with friends, those who will become friends, and strangers who just shouldn’t be. The evenings at the “dungeon” are held at a non-descript, local bar hangout in Wisconsin.

Target Market:
Musicians Singers and others in this industry. Anyone who has an appreciation for any form of art that does not necessarily conform to the mainstream.

Design Review:
The Client wanted an elegant and classy look, with a warmth that’s inviting. The solution was a logotype which is written in a classy script and set against a very stylish deep maroon background. The deep color gives the bar a cozy and stylish feel, with a unique type depicting the classy look the client wanted. The client also wanted the logo to look good enough to be printed on custom t-shirts, caps, and other garments and surfaces. So there will need to be a color scheme to go on light and pastel color surfaces, as well as darks.

musicians logo design

We created an awesome-looking logo design for a Gangster Rap music entertainment company. Although eventually, the client did not use the design, it showcases a beautiful design that brings together disparate elements into a beautiful and cohesive logo design. This logo deviates from the natural cliched inclination to include gangster elements and related elements.

The icon is made up of a circular emblem design. The outer circle has the name of the brand split into the upper and lower hemispheres. The circle encloses a beautiful iconic crown in a hexagon. This crown and hexagon are flanked on both sides by abstract wings reminiscent of aviation-themed badges.

gangster rap music logo design


Are you in charge of a band, a music company, or any kind of event? If so, the first thing you need to do is determine the brand image of your organization. Aesthetics are important in this industry, and nowhere is this as true as it is in the field of logo design.

However, many people are confused about what exactly makes logo designs work. This may be because logo designs seem to break all the rules. A good logo designer knows that logos for creative industries have their own set of guidelines. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when developing and selecting identities.

Colour. When it comes to the mark, you are free to be as colorful as you like or even to stay with a simple black and white palette. The right choice for your company depends on the audience you are trying to reach. If you are creating a retro festival, a colorful tye-dye scheme can be both beautiful and appropriate. If you are opening a jazz-themed coffee shop, more subdued tones will be better. What’s most important is that your color scheme is just perfect for you and your business, so feel free to let your creative juices flow.

Shape. The shape is another element that is virtually unlimited when it comes to your brand mark. If a classic symbol comes to mind, by all means, include it in your logo. On the other hand, more abstract designs have been used with great success. Because this is by nature an artistic industry, your logo is an excellent place to let your creative juices flow.

Symbols. Music is an industry with a wealth of shapes associated with it, many of which work well. From the outlines of common industries to the commonly recognized symbol of the treble clef, there are more symbols than can be listed here. Feel free to use these symbols in your design as you feel it is appropriate.

Movement. One very common element is a sense of movement. Music is an ever-changing industry, and companies that don’t change with the times are usually expected to fail rapidly. A sense of movement and flow can be accomplished by adding wavy lines that suggest movement or by swirling existing colors and lines. What’s most important is that your logo seems grounded in the present but capable of moving into the future.

Music brands are one of the most important aspects of your company because they communicate information about you to the people who need it most—your prospective customers. Your appearance and aesthetic sense are both very important in this sensory field. Don’t sell yourself short with a logo that doesn’t work for your company; have a logo design professional to design a work of art that will draw in the crowds.