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Klima Corp LLC is a real estate company that deals with high-end rental properties and engaging in activities such as buying and selling properties., managing properties and so on.

The founder of this real estate firm wanted a design that was simple, clever and eye-catching AND incorporates a house of some sort. The real estate market is saturated with images and icons of houses and roofs in their logo designs. Typically we would not recommend using a roof in a realtor or real estate brokerage design since they have been done to death. But in this case, since the client requested, we took up the challenge to come up with an icon that will have a housing element BUT was not your regular roof image.

The result is an icon that is made from the first letter of the company name. The spine of the letter K forms the chimney from behind which you can see an abstract sun peeking through. The body of the letter K forms the roof of the house with an abstract window.

The choice of typography also adds impact to the design with a soft font that is professional at the same time. The end result is a stunning logo design that turns the humble letter K into a house with a chimney and a roof with the sun coming out from behind to signify hope and freedom!

klima corp real estate logo design


The whole world is experiencing a real estate advisors boom. There are over 1.1 million RE players in the US alone. The RE companies here constantly jostle for their share of pie of this very hot industry. No matter whether you are a seasoned realtor or just a beginner in the field, you have to make a constant display of your expertise if you want to survive in this industry crowded with competitors. An effective logo designing realtor logo design can be your best instrument for sending across your messages to your targeted customers.RE is a field where the Logos can act as a deciding factor for your business. Homes, hotels – the basic products of this industry – have some romantic elements in them. People save and plan and dream for years to have the home of their dreams. Couples spend hours in planning over exotic vacations in a five star spa logo. The logos must incorporate this dream element in their approach, so that it takes just a single glimpse to sparks off the imagination of your clientele.

Real estate investment logos must be emotion evoking: So the first lesson is: weave your logo on this dream factor. Just simply adding a clipart logo of a house does not make an effective one. In fact it doesn’t incorporate the appropriate message about the business at all. For homes are not just concrete structures—they are the dreams coming true, they are about formation of families, they are about warmth, they are about a place where love is found. An intelligent realtor identity would try to cash in such emotions of common human beings. So if you are engaged in the business of residential complex construction, add an image of nest instead of a brick and mortar construction—-it will signify: your company does not sell mere buildings, it helps to build up homes.

But realtor business is not only about residential complexes, the Realtors build multiplexes, malls, stadiums, factories and what not! As a designer, you have to first spot the targeted customers of the company – the logo of a realtor company that builds huge bridges will markedly differ from that of a company that is a specialist in the construction of industrial complexes. Here also you have to feel the pulse of the targeted audience…try to strike on the right string of the emotion of the prospective customers, at the same time stressing on the theme of “energy and dynamism”.

A factory project is enwrapped in years of dedication, huge monetary investment and high level of risk of the entrepreneur, the stadium involves the dream of all sports-lovers, bridges are associated with the iron determination of the nation builders. So adding a mere image of a bridge or stadium in the branding may turn out to be too predictable and as a result it will lack the quality of lasting impression. As for instance, you can bring some creative twist in the design by shaping up the type face itself as a bridge instead of placing an image of bridge at the beginning of the company name.

Try to bring out the essence of the company: Also try to emphasize on the special attributes of the Company. As for example, if the company wants to convey their environment friendliness through their logo, use the color green in abundance and use curvy lines to bring about a soft, fresh, breezy effect. Or make use of color aqua, if for example, a hotel project is situated near some kind of water body, to emphasize on the locational advantage of the property.

Thus to design an effective branding, you have to be the interpreter of dreams. Also capitalize on the unique attributes of a RE company. Now try to give shape to these factors with the appropriate lines and colors. Add to it a bit of common sense and here you go with the most fabulous Identities.

Whenever you’re talking about the real estate market, one of the words that should come to your mind is “change”. This is one of the most volatile and ever-transforming industries in the world, which makes finding success as a real estate company a pretty tough job. Everything from the increasing usage of technology like Virtual Reality in showrooms to the ever-growing chunk of the market taken up by poor Millennials has the real estate market scrambling. Here are some of the big trends that are shaping the market at this moment:

The Housing Shortage: Those people buying houses that the higher end of the market are good to go. However, when you lower the price range, you see that there’s a pretty big shortage in most major markets when it comes to mid-range housing units. Younger people are finding it more difficult to find affordable housing than ever before, especially when you look in cities like New York City and LA.

Innovative Office Spaces: If you’re in the office space business, then you know that brands are looking to deliver amazing work experiences to their employees. They are looking for office spaces that ooze productivity and innovation, rather than just buying up a space and throwing in some cubicles here and there.

Gen Z: If you haven’t heard much about Gen Z yet, then you’re not alone. While everyone’s obsessing about the Millennials, Gen Z is going to start moving away from college dorms and into their first places out of college. However, they (like Millennials), will be loaded down with educational debt and low on cash.

Baby Boomers Are Still Here: Yes, that’s right! The Baby Boomers are not going anywhere, much to the disappointment of those who thought they would retire at the normal age. Thanks to financial troubles, a large part of the Baby Boomer generation will be looking for affordable housing, rather than being placed in nursing homes or fancy retirement resorts. This presents a huge market for those in real estate.

With so much change occurring in the real estate market, so many brands are struggling to promote a unique and distinct identity for themselves to both consumers and businesses. This is the problem that Klima Corp., had when they gave us a call one day. They wanted to develop a professional logo that would show off their primary message and what characteristics they wanted associated with them.

Klima Corp specializes in real estate properties that focuses on a seamless transition and plenty of transparency for sellers. They work with every kind of property owner – from home owners to investors to first-time buyers to more large companies. In addition to the text in the logo, our branding team came up with a design that shows a professional brand.


Buying a House or Buying a Brand: The Top Ten Real Estate Logos

When you buy or sell a home, how do you choose your real estate professional? With commissions standard across the industry, many people base their decision on company reputation. Much of the reputation of a company is based not just on the actual record of sales and integrity, but on the image of the company as portrayed by real estate logos and other visual images. These ten real estate companies have logos that invite and educate at the same time.


Forestar Group Realtor Logo Design
Forestar Group does not focus on real estate alone, but on natural resources as well. Their realtor logo ties in both to the name and the purpose of this organization. A white star is enclosed in a calming green, leaf-like pentagonal shape. Lines that jut out from the shape look like stems but also suggest movement. The newsy font with serifs adds a business-like image to this real estate giant.


Tenantwise Realtor Logo Design
Tenantwise is a company that changed logos several years ago to reflect growing acquisitions and a new company focus. While the old realtor logo featured a skyscraper with the calming colors of blue and green, the new logo features a more attention getting blue with orange palette. Squares are used to show the companies dependability, but the shapes are arranged to look like a traditional residential window.


I-Agent Realtor Logo Design
As the name suggests, is a website offering real estate advice, information, and referrals to home buyers and sellers. The logo is in a business-like gray, with a gray stylized roof. The tagline is at the bottom of the realtor logo: ‘the intelligent way to buy a home’. The only true colors in the logo are a fluorescent orange used both in the ‘I’ of the company name and the word intelligent, showing that the ‘I’ refers not just to the internet domain, but to the main word of the tagline as well.


Century 21 Realtor Logo Design
Century 21 is a national real estate company with locations in almost every American town. Because this company specializes in commercial real estate, it is only appropriate that their logo show a stylized house. The writing is also stylized and round, with the ‘C’ forming almost a complete circle, a friendly and inviting shape. The message is that this is a place where friendly people will help you find a house, which is appropriate for this kind of company.


Jones Lang LaSalle Realtor Logo Design
You may not have heard of Jones Lang LaSalle, but if you have bought or sold international real estate there is a good chance you have done business with this company or one of its subsidiaries. This global giant has a logo to match its scope, with three entwined rings. The number three represents the three words in the name, while the ring shape is inclusive and friendly. The company name is written in a newsy font with serifs that gives a formal, traditional image. Many excellent realtor logos include a tagline at the bottom, and this one is no exception.


Keller Williams Realtor Logo Design
Keller Williams is another national chain with a long history in the United States. Their logo focuses on the name rather than on the industry, with the company name in bold, attention-getting red letters in a traditional font with serifs. The company initials are featured above this in a scrolling, artistic font, with lends a softer side as well as a touch of tradition. The use of lines adds balance and gives the logo a solid and memorable square shape.


Taurus Investment Holdings Realtor Logo Design
Taurus Investment Holdings is a real estate investment and management group that uses its name as part of its logo. A bull is used; however, its aggressive image is tempered by orienting the image so it is facing away from the viewer. The lines on the back suggest a road, showing the movement and forward direction of the company. Rounded lines in both the image and the company name add to the softer, friendlier image. Because the term ‘bull’ usually denotes an up market with growth, this company can successfully show its softer side.


The Related Companies Realtor Logo Design
The Related Companies is a group of real estate related companies that focuses on housing development. The logo is a peaceful but business-like navy blue with thin white writing with rounded edges to show its relatable human side. The ‘square’ side of the company is shown with the nesting squares to the left of the logo. This group of companies encompasses many different styles and images, and this logo represents those images without any detracting details.


Christian Real Estate Network Realtor Logo Design
The Christian Real Estate Network is a network of religious real estate industry professionals, including people from a variety of specialties and denominations, that offers referrals to people who prefer to do business with their own religion. The logo includes a house, as with many real estate logos, but the color is a soothing, organic green. A cross is in the house, showing the company’s religious affiliation, but it is surrounded by heart-like shapes, tying in to the adage, “home is where the heart is.”


Westgate Resorts Realtor Logo Design
Westgate Resorts is a property group that focuses mainly on vacation properties in the American southeast. The name is prominently written in luxurious gold, in a font that appears to be painted. The other major color is a deep sea blue, relating to the waterfront location of many of this company’s holdings. The logo includes a circle, which is an inclusive friendly shape, as well as dates showing the longevity of this company. The image is one of relaxation and tradition, an excellent image for a company of this nature to project.

As you can see, there are many differences between these companies, differences that are portrayed by their professional logo design. A logo is not just an attractive symbol to put on a sign; it is a visual representation of your company’s values and history. Having a professional logo designed by a professional graphic artist is the first step to getting a logo that expresses your company’s uniqueness without words.