There are few fields as image oriented as photography. Because your customers are trusting you to present them in the best possible light, failing to present yourself and your business in a professional, aesthetically pleasing way can be nothing short of disastrous. There are several factors that can make or break photography logos. While there are a variety of ways that a logo design in this genre can be successful, here are a few things to think about when considering logos for your photography business.

Artistic images. Whether you choose to have a very abstract logo or one that has a traditional image such as a camera, it’s important that photographer logos be extremely stylized and artistic even of they are black and white photography logo. Even the most natural photographs are the recipient of your expert styling and skills. While it may seem easy to take a pretty picture, you know well as a photographer the huge amount of professional equipment and training that go into every shot. A logo designer brings a similar amount of skill to your logo, creating an image that, even if simple, is professional in every way.

Use of color. Because photography is a diverse business, photography logos may have color schemes ranging from neon brights to simple black and white logos. Whatever the color palette that you ultimately choose to create your photography logo, it’s important that these hues be representative of your personal style while also appealing to your customers on a basic, subconscious level. A logo designer knows what different color combinations ‘say’ to people viewing them, and can thus create a scheme that speaks volumes to your customers.

Symbols of movement. While this is not an absolute necessity, many of the most successful logos use shapes that imply movement and change. This is due to the stylish nature of the art. Customers may want an image that is timeless, but they also want one that is current and uses the best technology available at the moment. Your logo can show this by having wavy designs or spirals, or even by having an italicised font. Luckily, this is most effective when done in a subtle, less obvious manner.

Balance. Balance makes photographs appear more beautiful and more professional. If you want an attractive and professional photographer logo, it will have to follow the same basic rules. Customers who view these logos that are just a little ‘off’, even if it is barely noticeable, will be far less likely to give the companies in question the chance to capture their memories. A logo with the right balance of color and shape will showcase your aesthetic sense in a way that is more powerful than words.

The same way a photographer carefully arranges a complicated photo shoot, a logo designer arranges a logo with multiple considerations in mind. This is why professional logos can be so powerful. Don’t let your company go another day without the benefit that a well-designed logo can give you. Talk to a logo designer today about what kind of logo will be your springboard to success.


Photography Studio Logos – Photography is both an art and a profession. As such, photographers must walk a fine line between pleasing their customers, remaining true to their artistic impulses, and marketing themselves in a way that maintains enough business to pay the bills. These photography logos are interesting and original, very different from the images that you would see in any other type of logo design. They are the cornerstone of each photographer’s brand, a hint at their personal style and the type of product that a customer can expect from the business.

While many photographers use their own photographs in their Photography Studio Logos, this is in general a bad idea. First, there is a good chance that many customers who would like several of your photographs might not like that particular one. Second, a photograph usually doesn’t work well on paper and stationery, giving your business a lower case look. For an appropriate, inviting, multipurpose, and yet intensely personal logo, you will need to talk to a professional logo designer. Here is a small sampling of the attractive and interesting Photography Studio Logos we have seen around lately.