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People all over the UK run to their local chippy when it’s time for a quick meal or a treat. This has led to a wealth of different fish and chip shops in just about every town. The following UK fish and chip shops represent the huge diversity in this field, from corner stand to sit-down restaurant with gourmet leanings. As a result, these restaurants all have very different brands and logo designs. But which is the winner?

The Classic.

Located at Tyne & Wear, Colman’s of South Shields has been named one of the best fish and chip shops in the UK by several different organizations and is an established presence in the market. The logo design is as traditional as the fare, with a beveled square containing a fish. The name and establishment are printed in a very simple, old-fashioned font, showing that you will find only old favorites here. The logo design is hardly modern or ‘different’, but it remains one of the best examples of traditional food & drink restaurant logo design in the UK.

The Modern Experience.

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Tucked away in North-West England is Seniors, with a more contemporary version of both the traditional fish and chip brand and the traditional food & drink logo design. Unlike a typical greasy chippy, this restaurant features stunning views and your choice of thirteen varieties of fish in a variety of preparations. A simple, almost geometrical fish shape sits inside a friendly oval, with the name written in a splashy, uneven font. The blue and white are classic, while the yellow grabs attention. This logo shows without a doubt that this is not the average chippy!

Something for Everyone.

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Because McDermott’s Fish & Chips includes both a fish and chip takeaway and a more upscale restaurant, the logo design must be versatile enough to work well for both halves of the business. A solid black square gives a traditional feeling while overlapping fish create a sophisticated yet relevant image. The writing is also traditional, but the bright gold is eye-catching and contemporary. This logo design does a great job of spanning both ends of the dining spectrum seamlessly, creating an attractive image that can perfectly represent both aspects of the business.

The New Tradition.

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Deep Blue, of course, has a logo design that is a deep, ocean blue. In many ways, it appears to be a very old-fashioned logo, with images of fish, a round shape incorporated into the image, and traditional, upper case writing. The clean lines of this logo design offer a slightly modernized spin on the classic, which is exactly the brand that they are trying to promote. On the other hand, there is very little about this logo that is original or compelling.

The Chain.

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Harry Ramsden’s has a logo that features a simple, burgundy background with the establishment name written in a cursive font. The image is classy and very different from other logos in this genre, which could definitely be an advantage. However, there is little about this logo that creates a food and drink brand or gives customers an idea of what to expect from the experience, which is definitely a drawback. In terms of taste, Harry Ramsden’s is my favorite and  I and my family eat there at least once a month!

The Clever One.

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No one does humor quite like the British, which is why a traditional British eatery such as chippy can add to its brand by using humor as a central element of their brand. A Salt and Battery does exactly this with their name. Despite the unorthodox name, or perhaps because of it, this food & drink logo design avoids being anything less than serious. A lifesaver is shown, with the name of the restaurant written in the plainest possible lettering. This is a perfectly fine logo, but it falls short of the fun implied by its name, which may make patrons wonder if the restaurant will do the same.

The Local Favourite.

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Stein’s Fish & Chip Shop has been a favorite among locals in Cornwall since it opened just six years ago. The logo design screams ‘local favorite’, with a fish image and very simple writing. However, this is not your average fish; it is a lifelike line drawing that hints at the artisan quality of the food served here. The blue is definitely relevant to the ocean and thus the menu. This logo design is classic yet different from the others in this market.

Colman’s, Stein’s, Deep Blue, and A Salt and Battery all have traditional nautical logos, but perhaps a little too traditional. With a huge number of competitors, having a logo design that is the ‘same old thing’ is definitely not a benefit. Fish Chip ‘n’ Dip bucks this trend by having a friendlier logo design, but it may just be a little too cartoony. Harry Ramsden’s, on the other hand, is completely unrelated to their line of business.

There was almost a tie for the winner in this case. However, we were able to settle on one just because it is so very inviting. McDermott’s Fish & Chips is definitely attractive but lacks the bright optimism of our winner. That’s right: our winner is Senior’s, home of a bright, friendly logo that recreates the feeling of the fun associated with a day out by the beach and eating fish and chips for lunch. It’s important to remain true to your company’s history while also evolving with the times. The Senior’s logo does exactly that.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.