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The making of a brand – There are certain symbols that we encounter frequently in our daily lives. Have you ever noticed how our brains jump to the image of the product that the symbol is associated with?

For example, one of my friends told me that every time she comes across an arched golden “M” in a red background, she feels a hunger pang in her stomach. As for me, an apple doesn’t bring water to my mouth, but it reminds me of the Apple iPod which has been my trusted companion for many years.

This is the magic of the company logo; it makes the company identical to a symbol. Over the years this symbol becomes part of your subconscious and your brain takes no time to associate the company or the product with its logo. This is the point where a new brand emerges to rule the market!

As the market becomes super competitive, the alacrity of the marketing gurus shot up. A basic marketing strategy involves the promotion of the company name as far and wide as possible.

But you need a tool to accomplish this marketing goal and thus the companies feel the need of having an exclusive logo to identify and publicize their presence in the market.

The logo designing is the first step to this brand-building process of a company.

But!! There is a hitch!

You must proceed with caution before opting for this brand-building strategy through logo! Why?

A logo can result in an image makeover for a company. Similarly, a wrong logo can weaken your image in the market too. Logo after all is meant to reflect the value of your company.

Remember those eight white stripes in the logo of IBM?

Most of the people remember the brand IBM’s state-of-the-art technologies that put the company on top of the world. Or remember the logo of eBay which is reflective of the great energy and dynamism that e-shopping is all about.

Can you imagine the possible impacts of IBM’s logo written on red instead of blue or eBay’s letters being on the same level?

One can safely say that their visual impacts would have been a lot less dramatic.

Thus visual impact is an important criterion for a successful band promotion through the logo. So you have to have a logo for your company that makes your customers instantly brand-recognize your product or services that your company offers.

But how do you get such an effective logo? It’s easy – just keep these points in your mind.

  • Take the help of a professional logo designer who can rightly interpret the message your brand wants to convey to the customers through the logo.
  • The logo should not be based on the current date; it should have elements in it to use effectively for many years to come.
  • Your logo must be used to distinguish you from your competitors and as such it must have a character of its own.

To wrap it up all: a logo can become a true brand ambassador for your company only when it rightly communicates your company’s message to your targeted consumers.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.