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A logo design company is considered a creative boutique in the world of advertising and marketing. A logo design company is a company who provides only creative services. Logo design companies specialize their services to the clients’ desires. Clients of advertising companies may seek creative services from logo design companies because they believe they are in need of extra creative services.

Many advertising agencies have creative departments, but it is up to the client whether or not to use them. They may choose to use a logo design company to design a custom logo design and then send it to the advertising agency to be incorporated in their advertisements and print designs. Advertising agencies and logo design companies can vary in size. Both may be large agencies that provide a variety of services to their clients.

They are basically a one-stop shop for their clients’ needs. These large agencies typically have departments and allow their employees to specialize in specific areas. Smaller agencies and logo design companies may expect their employees to learn many aspects of the industry.

For example, their account executives may be required to research, produce a media schedule, coordinate the production of ads and design products themselves. Logo design companies may also venture into different areas of advertising and provide not only logo design but ad design, stationary design and other services. Logo design companies are becoming one-stop shops in themselves.

Today, logo design companies are taking in more projects in various areas. Many are adding web design services and promotional product services. Logo design company’s staff may be a mix of logo designer or logo design team and freelance designers. They may or may not have a degree in graphic design, but typically have a very great skill in their artwork. They are proficient in a number of different design programs and use them all collectively. Logo design company owners are usually creative members of advertising agencies who have left the agency to pursue their own personal career.

Logo design companies usually perform their work on a fee basis. There are many benefits to working with a logo design company. They usually have a staff that work only on a few projects at a time. This allows the logo design company to focus on each individual client.

The client has the ability to contact the individual designer or the logo design company if they have a special need or are in need of additional assistance. A logo design company is able to work one on one with clients and provide exceptional customer service as opposed to large agencies that have a large number of clients of varying sizes.

Going Global

There is a negative connotation of being global. Despite its advantages, globalization has made most things generic and bland. You won’t even notice a huge difference difference between McDonald’s in the U.S. and Asia.

In an industry where personal attention and uniqueness are valued so much, graphic design firms are branching out in different strategic areas to deliver superior service. Besides, many companies these days prefer smaller local logo design firms since they are perceived to be more hands-on and conversant with local trends. Big design firms sometimes make clients feel disconnected and alienated.

Even though globalization opens the door for overseas client base and technology helps bridge communication gap, there is that void waiting to be filled. Local and cultural references are lost because everything looks the same. Setting up a local firm seems to be the viable alternative to rekindle the forgotten local identity.

Some global companies find it hard to absorb the unique characteristics and intricacies of being local. In the US, the differences of one state to another are really apparent. What more if you’re talking about different countries and cultural backgrounds.

Setting your own local logo design firm is a wise and strategic investment so you can provide excellent service to businesses with local focus and businesses that want to make their local identity stand out from the overtly crowded global market.

Collaborating with people who live, work, and study in different areas is a win-win situation. You will gain invaluable insights and perhaps discover unique design trends which you can spread in the global arena. Clients, on the other hand, have direct access to graphic designers to make the project run as smoothly as possible.

Here at SpellBrand, we’re working hard to balance global and local perspectives through our established offices in the USA, UK, France, Singapore, and Australia.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.