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Today, there are about 6 billion people on the planet. Of this figure, only very few individuals are fortunate enough to be highly paid celebrities. Aside from their talents, celebrities have unique personalities that make them famous, so many look up to them. Usually, a combination of unique personality and talent makes a celebrity more famous than the others. The same principle applies to brands of products or services.

In advertising and marketing your brand, you should let it behave, dress, talk and walk like a very famous celebrity. These requirements should be based on brand story, brand promise, brand positioning and brand personality. If the business owner has properly defined these elements, then everything comes smoothly. If the elements are considered correctly, it is easier to answer questions such as “what colors to use in the designs”, “how to design the restaurant” or “what kind of uniform to use”. Interpreting the brand attitudes mentioned above delivers the answers to the questions.

Brand personality

People relate to brands that allow them to see their roles in the world. The audience can be effectively turned into fans if the brand personality and brand promise have something that resonates to their core.

Now, how would you like your restaurant to behave, act, talk, dress – interior design logo and branding, for instance – and walk if it is a person or a celebrity? Would you like it to be worldly and refined? Carefree and whimsical? Or irreverent and funny?

To answer these questions for your restaurant brand or tavern brand, you can enumerate the personality traits the way you describe a person. In this way, you can easily articulate and define your brand personality. Before proceeding to the designs and marketing, you should clearly articulate the brand personality as it is a very critical component.

Usually, when we see a company or business we think of the owners or the entrepreneurs that started it. If it looks good we may think that the person behind it is smart. However, if it looks bad things such as firing of the founder happens. For example, Steve Jobs who started Apple was fired and was replaced by a better team. The new team may have better credentials and resumes, but it will also result to a change in the brand. As a result, a number of key performance areas may also change but for the worse. The same also happens to culture and the whole performance of the brand. Now, Apple has regained its followers because the company brought Steve Jobs back. It is now the world’s technology with the highest value. This is because Apple has a distinct and unquestionable brand personality. Compare Steve Jobs personality and Apple brand personality and you will see the similarities.

They key to achieving success is by having a charismatic brand personality. Restaurant companies who keep on mimicking the tactics of their competitors are doomed to fail.

How other restaurants market themselves?

It is saddening, but many restaurants spend around 80 percent of their marketing budget are spent on new trials. This happens since most restaurants and grills aim to gather customers who have not been in the place. Most of the new marketing trials are devoted on mass media advertising, which is apparently very expensive.

New customer acquisition is actually one of the most challenging and expensive part of marketing restaurants. Restaurant owners, however, should understand that restaurant goers are enticed not just by the food alone. Often, it is the experience and ambiance that push them to try your business. Mass media advertising seems to be the easiest way to promote a restaurant or any other establishment.

However, this is not affordable and sustainable for most businesses. You can always be creative by tapping other platforms that you can use to entice more people. Some now prefer creating a “fan page” through Facebook where they ask their current client base to be active in the page. Existing clients may post their positive feedback or share their photos on the page to allure more people to try out the restaurant. The page should be regularly updated to attract more Facebook users. This is effective if the target consumers are young people who are always glued to their Facebook accounts.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.