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Furniture Brands – What makes people buy a piece of furniture? Although most items in the home do not have a visible logo design, the brand is nonetheless an important factor. When you are choosing furnishings for your home, you want to know that your purchases will be sturdy, stylish, long-lasting, and make your home as beautiful as it can be. While it is difficult to see more than surface charm in a furniture showroom, a solid company brand can lead to customers trusting in your products to live up to their expectations. Here are a few furniture logo designs that communicate all this and more.

There seem to be several factors that make Furniture Brands and furniture logos successful. First, they use font and shape to hint at the type of products that they offer. Second, colors, usually traditional, give customers a feeling that they can trust the company in question. Last, there are elements in each that tie directly into the aspects of the company that makes it distinctive and different from the competition. While this genre of logo design is definitely unique, it is not unlike other types of logo design in its need to communicate abstract ideas in a concrete, visual way.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.