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Have you ever noticed, how interesting your chat on Yahoo or MSN IM becomes if your friend adds an image in the box? This is because we always like to interact with a specific identity and a face helps us to relate to that particular identity. This is because a face helps us to recognize a person, distinguish him/ her from others.

And it is this face that helps us to keep him/her in our minds.

A company logo is just like the image in the chat room— a good logo turns a mere name into a specific identity that business a visual identity to relate to.

Now having a face is not all. Everyday we come across so many faces—how many can we recall in the end of the day? Similarly, there are thousands of logos which we come across in our daily intercourse, but there are only a few which get imprinted in our minds for long.

Just think about some of the immortal logos of all time Adidas, Nike, McDonald or IBM. At a first glance they appear to be too simple. But this simple look is the result of a chain of complex procedures. The interesting point in all these is: simpler the logo, the stronger its message, the more it is memorable.

A memorable logo conjures up the face of a business establishment and it is this recognizable face that helps stand out your product or service from those of your competitors. At the very basic level, the face sends across some emotional message and that helps the client to connect to your brand. This is the first step of long lasting brand loyalty.

Simple they may look; but creation of good logos is a job of an expert. A professional logo designer is trained in the art of logo designing and he knows exactly which tools to use to bring out the essence of your business in a single piece of graphics. A trained designer has various tools at his disposal that are employed to fulfill the task. You break a logo into pieces and what you get are a few shapes, typographies and forms. You will also find colors and above all you will discover a specific style that brings the logo in life.

These are all the tools of logo making. Now the designer put the tools into use to create an image to interpret the client’s vision. They use a language to give expression to the thoughts of the client this is the language of shape and forms, where an arc represents connectivity, a curve suggests softness, circle reflects movement and so on.

They also speak the language of color, where green represents nature, where blue becomes the representative of professionalism and efficiency, red speaks of energy and dynamism. These tools and languages become eloquent in the hands of expert logo artist and the logo is born to give you recognition in the market. Thus a logo becomes a weapon in your hand to create an image before the world.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.