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Memorable logos have a special place in the minds and hearts of people. As visual references for a company or group, logos bring vivid memories or instant reputations whenever they are seen. But what really makes a logo design tick? Is there a special formula to its success? We’ll take a look at some of the enduring logos in the world to see how they have succeeded:

McDonald’s: Beauty in Simplicity

McDonald’s Restaurant is one of the most popular fast food chain stores in the whole world and its presence in any city can easily be identified with its simple logo – the letter M in a slightly cursive font with the bright color of yellow.

McDonald’s has a mascot, the clown Ronald McDonald. But people can easily and quickly identify the restaurant more with the bright yellow M logo. As far as psychologists, the color yellow has a lot to do with it. This color attracts attention easily and it has been said that it can also stimulate human appetite.

Google: The Message of Colors

The Internet search engine giant Google dominated the World Wide Web in the 2K decade. From its initial success to its revered status today, its logo has never changed – a simple text of Google written with a rainbow-like combination of colors.

The Google logo may seem like the work of art of a child. However, it has become a sign of excellence of the Google brand. Google has expanded from its successful search engines to various Internet services including satellite maps, image searches, topic trends and advertising revenue. Whenever they have a new product or service, the logo and colors of Google are attached to its name.

The simplicity of the Google logo is not lost on people and it has become one of the most successful brands in the whole world.

Nike: All It Takes Is a Swoosh

While the success of the Google logo is based on its colors, the Nike brand has built a gigantic marketing presence on the strength of its trademark logo – the Nike Swoosh.

The Nike Swoosh is minimalist at best. It is designed like a check and can be easily affixed on any athletic apparel of Nike. For years, it has come to signify the vast influence of Nike when it comes to the world of sports. Many kids grew up wanting to emulate celebrity athletes such as Michael Jordan. These kids saw the Nike logo as the embodiment of this dream.

The Nike Swoosh has helped mold the brand of Nike and it has been an effective ambassador of its marketing campaigns. When there are sports events, there is Nike. It only takes a single Nike Swoosh to remind the people of this.

FedEx: Pointing Towards Creativity

The FedEx logo has been a favorite case study of many business logo experts. Designed by Lindon Leader of Landor Associates, the FedEx symbol is a meticulously designed logo showing an arrow between the letters E and X. The wit of this logo is outstanding that it easily captured the attention and imagination of people, especially of its target market.

FedEx proved that a logo can be simple and yet creative at the same time. The arrow meant to signify the forward commitment of FedEx to deliver all of its transactions on time.

Starbucks: The World Famous Siren

Starbucks have established its brand as one of the most successful coffee shops in the world. Apart from its outstanding coffee drinks and quality service, the Starbucks logo is really a head turner because of its quirky rendition of a siren set against green colors.

Ever since Starbucks stores had a growth spurt all over the world, the Starbucks logo became more familiar as a visual reference for people. The focus of Starbucks on customer service and product also helped create value for its business logo.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.