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When engaging a logo design company to design your good logo design, the first thing to be sure about is whether you will have direct access to a logo designer. A lot of the online logo design companies do not give access to their logo designers. Customers have to talk to “account managers” who in turn would communicate with the actual good logo designers.

The reason these companies do this is that 9 times out of 10 they employ freelance designers.
With SpellBrand, you can be assured of contacting and communicating with a real logo designer at any stage of the good logo design process. We give our good logo designer’s direct phone numbers to our clients.

The client can then call and talk to their designer about concepts, changes they want, file formats and after-sales support, including lassoing with their printers if need be.

So what are the things to look for in a good logo designer?

First and foremost, a good logo designer should be willing to “listen” to the clients. He/she should ask the right questions. He/she should also spend some time researching the company, the industry, and any competitors before putting pen to tablet.

Yes, you might wonder. How can our logo designers spend time on research and analysis when we charge so little for creating good logo design?

  • We have a very strong system in place that enables us to pay good salaries to our good logo designers and still manage to keep the business profitable.
  • We cut out a lot of overhead associated with traditional design firms because all our business is conducted via the internet.
  • We have flexi-time system so that designers can work on projects in a more efficient way.
  • We do not have to pay for expensive or fancy office space.
  • In fact, our design studio is very low key and the only money we invested was in cutting edge hardware and comfortable working desks and seats

Secondly, a good logo designer should a lot of experience in creating corporate identities. They should also ideally have some sort of formal qualification in graphic design or fine art. Most of our good logo designers are graduates in graphic design with some having degrees in computer science. Our recruitment process, with the help of one of our clients, is very vigorous and we take great care to filter out designers who consider graphic design as a hobby. There is nothing wrong in having it as a hobby but we look for passionate designers who aspire for a rewarding career in corporate identity development.

Third, a good logo designer should be communicative. When he/she comes up with the logo concepts, they should be in a position to explain to the client the theory behind the concepts. This helps the client in making a selection and also in understanding how the logo related to their company identity.

Next week we will talk about the logo design process and what goes into creating a logo. In the coming weeks, we will also be studying and reviewing some famous logos.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.