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A website is more than an online presence or a place to park your domain name; it is a crucial part of your brand. However, many people design their branding websites like a sales website or even like a personal one, both of which can be an enormous error. Here are a few components that will help your website build your brand.

Get A Relevant Domain Name.

Your business name should take center stage in your web address. This will allow customers to remember it and type it into their address bar. A long web address from a free domain site will make you seem unprofessional, amateur, and cheap, none of which are a positive brand image. This means paying for a domain name, but this is an investment that will pay off in the end.

Invest In A Newsletter Tool.

You should have a newsletter sent out monthly to customers who opt into your mailing list. This will not just give you a chance to build your customer base, it will allow you to further your branding in other communications with them. A newsletter can also ask for feedback, allowing you a virtual window into your target audience’s mind.

Keep Your Brand Consistent.

Whether you call it consistency or repetition, the effect is the same. Your brand must be the same on every page and in every frame of your website design. This will give your customers the multiple exposures they need to accurately remember your company and distinguish it from the many others. This also will build your brand by defining the style for every page.

Site Security.

This is especially important if your website is selling a product and asks for personal information such as credit card numbers or even email addresses. Having appropriate site security from a trusted third party assures people that they can do business with your website without worrying about their data being shared or sold. It’s as important as having a lock on your doors.

Professional Email.

Customers should be able to get a hold of you in the case of a problem with your product or valuable feedback. For this reason, having email through your business website is crucial. You are more likely to be perceived as a professional if your address is yourname @ rather than bowiefan @ It assures customers that you are connected with your business and that you are indeed the right person to talk to.

Relevant Product Information.

Your website is a good place to list instructions as well as any extras regarding your products and services. Give people a chance to browse and look around. You may have a huge impact on your sales simply by tying products together so customers buying one product can see accessories and tie-in products.

As you can see, your website can be a powerful branding tool, but only if it is created professionally and supports your brand rather than contradicting it. Don’t let this powerful part of your business be shoddy or unprofessional; hire an experienced website designer to create a site that you can display with pride.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.