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With more and more nonprofit and government entities finding success in marketing themselves like private industry, the people who manage American landmarks are beginning to turn their eye on branding. Most city landmarks have a lot to offer both locals and tourists and having an American landmark logo design that portrays this can only enhance the image of the landmark and the city that it stands for. The following ten city landmark logos give their townspeople something to be proud of.

1. The White House Logo Design

The White House Logo Design
This American landmark logo is interesting because it represents not just a landmark, but a political entity as well. The inclusive oval shape, as well as the calming blue, are both important in creating a general sense of trust between the American people and their national figurehead. The landmark is well represented by the imposing and well-recognized figure of the building itself. A standard, plain government-approved font ties the two concerns together seamlessly. In all, this logo is a good ‘face’ for both sides of the White House.

2. Niagara Falls Logo Design

Niagara Falls Logo Design
This Canadian destination is popular among tourists all over North America, and this logo shows exactly what it has to offer. The waterfall itself has been abstractly drawn as a series of blue waves, giving a feeling of movement and change. The use of green in the American Landmark logo implies natural surroundings, which is certainly true here. A red maple leaf relates to the country where these falls are located while also adding an eye-catching splash of brightness to the cool, calming colors that make up the logo. The writing is ultra-traditional and news like, although the italicization of the word ‘falls’ adds to the feeling of movement while emphasizing the falls as the main attraction.

3. Empire State Building Logo Design

Empire State Building Logo Design
The logo design for this well-recognized landmark needs no wording, so in this case leaving it out was a stylistically beneficial decision. The use of a rectangle implies tradition, which this building definitely represents. Blue is a soothing and calm color, but its combination with gray tones creates a sophisticated feeling that is worthy of a New York City landmark. The central image of this American landmark logo design is, of course, a picture of the skyscraper itself.

4. Centennial Park Logo Design

Centennial Park Logo Design
This city park, located in Muster, Indiana, has a professional and attractive logo design that places it on par with far better-known attractions. The park was designed to be an eco-friendly paradise, with all features as earth-friendly as possible. The American Landmark logo design reflects this perfectly, with an earthy green and brown color palette and an image of a tree. The most interesting part of this logo is the way many different images are fit neatly into the tree, showing that the park offers attractions for a variety of people and animals. The name of the park is written in big capital letters, giving an established feeling, while the tagline below is in a pretty, lower case cursive font that adds yet another friendly touch.

5. Santa Cruz Boardwalk Logo Design

Santa Cruz Boardwalk Logo Design
This American landmark had their logo design revamped for their centennial anniversary, and the result is an inviting image that shows people exactly why they should visit. The amusement rides for which the Boardwalk is known, including the much-publicized Giant Dipper roller coaster, make up the most central images of this logo. Warm and sunny colors dominate the logo, although refreshing splashes of blue and green are present as well. The wavelike designs around the image represent the beach on which this attraction is located while also implying movement and change.

6. Seattle Center Logo Design

Seattle Center Logo Design
The Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington has recently had their logo redesigned, with this attractive and relevant image being the result. The circles are friendly and inclusive, representing a generally open-minded population. The green tones are representative not just of the area’s renown for being involved in environmental causes, but of Seattle’s long held nickname: The Emerald City. Because the Seattle Center includes a multitude of attractions, including the world-famous Space Needle and several well-known museums, the use of several different circles layered within each other is relevant while also creating an attractive, modern American Landmark logo design.

7. The Rose Bowl Logo Design

The Rose Bowl Logo Design
This Pasadena landmark is home to a very famous sporting event as well as a nationally televised parade. The roses clearly tie into the name, while a picture of the arena itself in desert hues gives a sense of place. This logo design is enclosed in a friendly, inclusive oval, but the old fashioned cursive writing adds a touch of tradition that is fitting for the decades-old events that take place here. The color palette successfully walks a fine line between capturing the eye and overwhelming it.

8. San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf Logo Design

San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf Logo Design
Again we see the circular shape that is so important in making visitors feel that they are welcome at an American landmark. The font is news like and businesslike, giving a very substantial image. However, the crab, which is a delicacy for which the area is known, is painted in bright, swirling colors that are inviting and fun, adding to the friendly image while suggesting that there is more to see here than seafood.

9. Greenfield Village Logo Design

Greenfield Village Logo Design
This area of Detroit is a restored neighborhood from antebellum times, with working farms, railroads, and historical homes open to show how American life used to be. The logo design communicates this beautifully, with a classic shape of a home filled with the colors and shapes of the American flag. The use of gold rather than white for the central stars avoids being too cliché while also suggesting excellence. The use of two fonts, both ultra-traditional but very distinct from each other, gives a sense of balance to the American landmark logo design.

10. Kennedy Space Center Logo Design

Kennedy Space Center Logo Design
Bold yet rounded writing gives a strong but friendly image to this minimalist American landmark logo design. Because Kennedy Space Center is the home to several notable space shuttle launches, the image of a shuttle in midflight is definitely relevant. The wavelike shape that makes up its trail is a symbol of movement and change that represents the constantly changing field of aeronautics and space travel.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.