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A logo is the best medium to represent a business, an organization, a church, or any other entity. It is an effective visual illustration of a group, service, or even an individual that helps give better recall to the public. An effective logo can convey so much message—the color, overall design, font style, and all the other elements pulled together to have a special meaning that communicates a message.

The logo making process may take as quick as a few hours to as long as several weeks to create. A logo does not stand alone; it has to reflect the color scheme of the entire business, and the look and feel of the entity it represents.

Over the years, you’ve come across some really effective logo designs. Most of them have stood the test of time carrying the same branding and messaging from one generation to the next. Just the sight of some popular logos like McDonald’s, Nike, and Pepsi can tell so much story and evoke some kind of feeling from you or remind you of some childhood memories associated with the restaurant or shoe brand. This is the power of a logo.

Though we may never really find out how certain brands came up with their amazing logos, here are some quick tips you may find most useful as you try working on your own logo. Remember designing a winning logo takes a lot of planning, brainstorming, and more planning. You may have some really great ideas and suggestions in mind but while you build your logo, here are some useful inputs to consider:

  • Think black. Always consider how your logo may look on a solid black color. Something that requires three or six colors may not be a very successful logo design. Always think how it will look when rendered in black.
  • Simplicity is best. Less is more. As much as you would want to convey a message, don’t overdo it with overly symbolic logos. Don’t try to have a single logo interpret your entire organizational goals and objectives. Really creative logos have subliminal brand meanings.
  • One logo fits all. Always consider how your logo will look on your website, on your company shirt, on a give-away pen, or on your building entrance. It should look as good when placed on almost any promotional material. A logo with too many lines and details may not carry well on a shirt as it would on a notepad. Before finalizing your logo, consider all these.
  • A play on fonts works well. Logos does not automatically mean it has to be a mark or a symbol. Font treatments for logos can sometimes really work well. Consider well known brand FedEX and its powerful font-based logo.
  • Go for timeless fonts. Helvetica font style never goes out dated. Logos are meant to last for years and years, so make sure you choose font styles that won’t go out of style. Most trendy font styles may be cool today but totally boring the next day. Helvetica fonts have withstood the test of time as seen in logos such as Sears, Toyota, and Target.
  • Get professional help. The creative process of logo development takes a lot of technical skills as much as creativity. As long as you have some idea of how you want your logo to look like, it would be best to hire a professional graphic artist to put your ideas into a working concept and finally some design studies. Don’t even attempt to do it on your own if you have no technical skill in graphic design.
  • Come up with options. Ask the graphic artist to come up with at least three logo studies. It does not have to be three different designs. No. Just three versions of the main design. The studies may just have some variations on the color, some lines, font style, or some minor design elements. Having variations will help you better compare and contrast your options and arrive at the best option.

Creating a winning logo will help businesses create their desired image and convey their message to the public. Make sure you consider the basic tips above as you plan for your winning logo.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.