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T-shirts for Team Building

Is your logo wasting away on signs and paper products? It may be time to put that logo sleeve t-shirt logo design to work on some living, walking advertisements. How can you do this? It can be as simple as ordering t-shirts with digital printing. Company shirts are not just for uniforms anymore! There are two other major uses for company shirts. Perhaps you can even launch a t-shirt business with some passion and effort!

Team Building

Custom T-Shirt Design

Many companies use company shirts and similar items as uniforms, but this is not their only function. Providing employees with funny t-shirts that they can wear both on and off the job is a good way to create the unified team atmosphere you are looking for. If your employees wear these t-shirts outside the office, you will be getting free advertisement and logo branding as well.

T-shirts are comfortable and therefore likely to be worn on a regular basis. If you cannot afford to buy company shirts for all of your employees, you can buy just a few and use them as a prize or hold a drawing. Even a handful of employees wearing your t-shirt logo design will spread your company’s message around your community. This is why clothing designers sell so many logo t-shirts—it gets the word out.

Logo Branding


Is your company a name brand in your target audience? If not, it’s time for some t-shirt logo design branding. This basically means creating a personality and a set of core values for your company. If you want to build confidence in your business, custom t-shirt design is the perfect low-cost solution. When people see your employees or customers wearing your company shirts, they are bound to ask about your services. One loyal customer can create a lot of positive buzzes if you give them an easy way to start the conversation.


Obviously, you can’t give t-shirts to all of your customers, but they can be used as a bonus when people purchase a set amount of products or services or given out as thank you gifts to loyal repeat customers. This not only gets the word out and increases your business’s logo branding; it shows your customers that you are thankful for their patronage. This strengthens your customer base and increases the likelihood that they will say positive things when asked about their company shirts.


There was a time when clothing items were too expensive to be a cost-effective form of team building or t-shirt logo design branding. However, the internet has made these and other items affordable and easy to obtain. T-shirts and company shirts imprinted or embroidered with your company’s logo can be ordered and delivered at very reasonable prices. This makes them one of the least expensive forms of advertising and logo branding on the market.

Does your company need a little public relations to boost? Is your customer base flagging? Logo t-shirts and other items can be a powerful and incredibly affordable way of solving both problems. Don’t just advertise—create a brand, one that your employees and customers alike can be proud to be a part of. Custom made t shirts are relatively easy to create these days. With great designs and cheap t shirt printing, get started with your merchandise orders.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.