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Marketing through Online Auctions: A Small Business Success Story

Many people have a beloved hobby or even just a creative streak. While these people might dream of finding a way to make a living doing what they love, few are brave enough to take the leap. However, everything is possible when it comes to small businesses. Krystle Walsh is living proof that small business owners can find success doing what they do best, whatever that might be.

Krystle Walsh was always a crafty, creative person. As a child, she loved to paint and make things for friends and family. As she grew older, the gifts became more elaborate and her skill set grew to a professional level. Her beaded candy canes were a favorite gift, but still Walsh never considered using her artistic streak as a lucrative source of income.

Krystle’s family was the springboard to her success. As she grew older, her handmade gifts became more and more in demand. Her family encouraged her to begin a small business selling her creations. She finally turned to Etsy, an online auction site specializing in handmade goods. Although Walsh began selling a variety of goods, she soon narrowed her range to beadwork jewelry and bows. Her products were so popular that she opened two stores on the website. DKjewels is a store featuring Krystle’s homemade beadwork and jewelry, while Ninjabowtique offers bows, pins, and other wearable art.

Krystle Walsh highly recommends as a way to market homemade goods. In her case, this one website makes up the bulk of her profit. Etsy is easy to master with just a little investment of time, with a growing number of visitors perusing the site every day. Etsy also offers support services and ways of interacting with other sellers. However, Krystle also sells her goods through Artfire and a North Carolina gift shop.

Krystle uses inspiration from her daily life to come up with new designs. Rather than sticking to one style, both stores sell a variety of fashions, from old-fashioned designs to ultra-modern ones. All creations, however, have one thing in common: the high quality and attention to detail that only a small business owner can provide.

Krystle feels that one of the keys to succeeding in any internet business is to show lots of pictures of the merchandise. Not only do pictures give buyers an idea of what merchandise they will be getting for their money, they also grab attention and promote an emotional attachment to the product. Krystle also recommends communicating with customers. Answering questions politely and promptly promotes your business website or brand and encourages customers to do business with you.

In the future, Krystle plans to expand her business to other areas, such as metal working and lamp making. However, any expansions will be made with her attention to detail and creative touch. Krystle has found great success in internet sales, but she plans to keep growth slow and steady. She opened her business in hopes of making a living while being a stay at home mother and wife, and this business plan helps her keep her priorities in line.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.