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Many small business owners know about and use modern resources such as Facebook and Youtube to market their business. However, new and interesting ways of marketing yourself for a low cost in a very competitive world are always arising. Here are the latest ways you can use technology to build your brand online.

Internet Radio. Radio show guests are automatically considered experts, but the internet has opened up these positions to just about everyone. Internet radio hosts are constantly looking for new people to interview and to feature as guests on their shows. Not only does this get your message and your brand into the public eye for no cost whatsoever, it allows you to gain reputation as an expert in your field.

Blog Comments. Most business owners are aware of the impact that a blog can have, but many don’t realize that a blog cannot function as an island. The most popular blogs became so by interacting with other bloggers. However, this doesn’t have to be a full time job in and of itself; a little can go a long way if you carefully choose blogs with a large following that includes your target audience. You should occasionally search for blogs that are relevant to your business and leave a thoughtful comment with a link to your own blog.

Link Exchanges. In the past, most business owners have steered away from link exchanges because they can be very ineffective. However, under right conditions, a link exchange can bring relevant traffic to your website. The key is to trade links not through a link exchange, but with a few websites that are in similar (but not identical) fields to yours. For best results, choose carefully: choose websites with brands that are complimentary to yours, and don’t ever put a direct competitor’s link.

Ezines. Even if you don’t have your own ezine, there are ways to use this powerful form of web media to bring in relevant business and build your company brand. First, find an ezine with a subject that is relevant to your target audience. Second, contact the owner and offer a link on your website in exchange for a small ad in their ezine. Some will say no, preferring to stay with paid advertising only, but if you approach several, at least one will agree. This will give you free ongoing advertising and allow you to build your brand with no money outlay at all.

Groups and Message Boards. Run by internet giants such as Yahoo and Google, these tend to have huge readerships. Because you can choose the topic, you will easily be able to find a few that are relevant to your business. Join them and make a few thoughtful posts that are not directly advertising. However, place your website address and if allowed, a tagline in your signature. This type of subtle, non-pushy advertising will win trust and build your brand.

The internet is always opening up new opportunities for advertisers. Don’t let these slip past you; take advantage of every opportunity to build your brand.

Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube… we have all read thousands of words about how important these are to your UK business. However, by the time a small business owner realises the power of these online media, the site is already flooded with competition. To stay ahead of the curve, a small business owner must always be looking for new ways to promote their business, brand, and logo design in a meaningful and low-cost way. Here are five options you may not have considered yet.

1. Become an online expert. Online booksellers allow users to review books. Often, you can link to your own website as well. Writing an intelligent and thoughtful evaluation of a book from an expert’s point of view will present you and your business as knowledgeable leaders in the field, giving your brand and logo design a boost of credibility. Best of all, people who look at books related to your business are obviously interested in your field. Because booksellers come out on top in search engine results, you can get a lot of exposure this way.

2. Blogging. I know what you are thinking; almost every modern business has a blog, so how is this a new idea? While blogging is important to building an online presence, you can also use other people’s blogs to get valuable exposure. Email blogs on topics related to your business and offer to write a guest blog on a relevant subject. Having relevant links from other blogs will increase your page rank while also boosting your visibility on search engine results. Simply commenting on other blogs will increase the exposure of your brand and logo design, especially if the comment is intelligent and coherent.

3. Professional associations. Most professional associations have an online component where you can build a searchable profile. This not only increases your online presence and gives you another invaluable chance to promote your brand and logo design, it presents you as a respected and involved member of your professional community. An added benefit is that you can often find a wide range of suppliers and mentors as well as professional advice from these types of organizations.

4. LinkedIn. Many people have LinkedIn profiles, but few have maximized them. Your profile should be branded so it is visually consistent with your desired image and entirely complete. Add relevant links to your business’s website as well as any other online presences you are proud to share. LinkedIn profiles tend to show up in the first page of search results, so any time you invest in your profile will pay off in more views of your brand and logo design.

5. Publishing as an expert. Offer to write short articles on your area of expertise for online websites and organizations. Being the author of white papers and websites makes you an instant expert in addition to scores of free publicity. There are likely many organizations and websites that are always looking for expert contributors just like you; it should not be hard to find a few of them and begin building your CV as an expert in your field.

As you can see, there are ways to boost your online visibility beyond obvious and overused choices such as Facebook. Marketing yourself authentically often means having a logo design and brand that customers can believe in, and then building a presence in your field.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.