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Ten Vacation Logos that Take You Away

The key goal of vacation-related logos is to inspire trust. After all, it takes an immense amount of trust to pay large sums of money in advance to visit a place you have never seen or to step onto an airplane that will be flying high above any semblance of safety. These vacation and travel logos are experts in arousing the interest and trust of world-weary travelers with good logo design.

1. FontaineBleau

FontaineBleau Vacation Logo Design
With hotels in upscale locales such as Las Vegas and Miami Beach, the FontaineBleau resort and hotel, chain is trying to be different from your average vacation spot. The logo does a good job of portraying this goal. The logo is made up of two initials, F and B, with the line that crosses the lower case ‘F’ wrapping around to form the ‘B’. Modern, sleek, and distinctively shaped, the FontaineBleau’s good logo design speaks volumes about the vacation you’ll enjoy there.

2. El Al

El Al Vacation Logo Design
This Israeli airline company logo wins for being true to its roots. The logo includes the word El Al written in both Roman and Hebrew letters, but in a font that complements both types of writing. The Israeli flag is proudly displayed to the right of the lettering. The blue color is calming and safe, exactly what most people want from an airplane ride. Looking at this logo, it is easy to see where El Al is from and what they represent, which makes it good logo design.

3. Vacation Logo Design
This travel planning website offers so many services that the normal travel logo just wouldn’t be well-rounded enough. The website name is written in a clear font that is colored blue, which is the color of water, sky, and calm. This is a great color choice that will appeal to people looking to get away. A stylized suitcase shape is drawn on the left side. This is a great business logo design because, whatever type of vacation you are planning, a suitcase is likely involved.

4. Sri Lankan Airlines

Sri Lankan Airlines Vacation Logo Design
The Sri Lankan Airlines recently changed both their logo and their name to better brand themselves. The new logo featured a peacock, which is the star of a traditional Sri Lankan myth called Dandumonara Yanthra. In this story, the peacock is actually a flying machine made by a mythical king. This lore is very appropriate for these modern flying machines, and adds an ethnic flair that lets everyone know a little bit about this rich culture. Interestingly, many Sri Lankans disapprove of this new logo because the bird is flying away from the airplane instead of with it, which is considered unlucky. Good fortune aside, this is still a nice logo design.

5. Santa Fe Station

Santa Fe Station Vacation Logo Design
This New Mexico hotel and casino features logo in the traditional Southwestern colors of eggplant and gold. The logo design features a sun with what appears to be two people kissing. Beneath is the hotel name. This is an elegant logo design because it is appropriate for the hotel’s location, with a Southwestern symbol such as the sun and a local color palette. The kissing faces are subtle yet make the hotel seem like a romantic place to visit.

6. Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises Vacation Logo Design
Once again we see the calming blue color, although this time it is even more appropriate as this resort floats on the deep blue sea. This logo is an awesome logo design because it avoids the obvious princess symbols and instead shows a woman with flowing hair that looks strikingly like waves. Beneath the image and the company name, the company slogan ‘escape completely’ is written. The impression is that a Princess Cruise is a place to relax and escape from your daily cares, a message that is likely to appeal to many people.

7. Marriott Vacation Club International

Marriott Vacation Club International Vacation Logo Design
This timeshare company’s logo features the Marriott brand name in its normal company font, which is good branding. However, the other lettering is rounder t signify that this is something different. The sun above the wording and the wave below the logo appear to be hand painted. Altogether, this is a practical logo design because the logo does a great job of making this company seem warm, friendly, and informal. It makes you want to visit this company’s resorts.

8. Vacation Logo Design
This logo is a text based logo design and like our other winners, it avoids the obvious clichés. Instead of going with a traditional hotel symbol, uses arrows on the top and bottom of the ‘O’ in its name to form the directional arrows commonly seen in modern hotels. Arrows are also appropriate because people who come to the site are looking to go somewhere, The color palette includes warm colors that make people feel welcome and invited.

9. Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau

Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau Vacation Logo Design
This statewide tourism organization aims to promote Hawaii as a place to visit both for business and pleasure. The logo fits the bill exactly. The word ‘Hawaii’ is written in what appears to be hand-painted capital letters. Rick tropical colors are splashed within the letters, giving it a tropical batik effect as well as a fluidity that is appropriate for an island vacation. The effect is exotic and interesting, which makes this another example of a simple logo design.

10. Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Vacation Logo Design
Like the Sri Lankan airline, this Indonesian airline uses a mythological bird as part of its logo. However, the two logos couldn’t be more different. The Indonesian airline’s logo is much more business-like, with crisp edges and a more stylish design. The calming color palette makes people feel good about flying on one of these airplanes. Altogether, this is good logo design because it makes the company seem professional and trustworthy.

What makes a vacation logo effective? Whether it is a business-like image that makes them seem safe or a colorful logo that makes you long for a tropical locale, there is no clear set of rules for this genre of logo design. A logo that makes people want to visit is a successful one, which makes all of these logos clear winners.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.