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Having an internet presence is important for all companies, but it is just as important to have the right type of presence. A website design that is cluttered, disorganized, generic, or difficult to use will cause your valuable traffic to flee. Luckily, this unfortunate outcome is entirely preventable. Your web page can be a professional and unique work of art if you follow these ten basic rules. After that please check some of the professional website samples we created for our clients.

Poor navigation

Ideally, everything that your potential customers would want to know should be available within just two or three clicks. This can be accomplished by having a navigation bar on every page and by designing your website intuitively. Think of a file cabinet; one that is orderly with all of the papers in their well-alphabetized folders will make it easy for you to find exactly what you want and act on it. On the other hand, a messy file cabinet with unlabeled folders, stray papers, and no clear method of organization would overwhelm and frustrate you. Your customers feel the exact same way about your website.

Poor Website Navigation


It’s important to have good, informative content, but how you display it is crucial. There should be a lot of white space on all of your web pages. Don’t think of this as a waste of space; just as we draw attention to a beautiful work of art by surrounding it with a frame and matte, well-placed emptiness will make your message clearer and more noticeable.  It will also make it easier for your customers to see navigation bars and links.

Cluttered Website

Too many gimmicks

You may have expert knowledge of flash (or know someone who does) but that doesn’t mean that your website design should have lots of blinking gadgets. These are less impressive to a product or service oriented audience than they are to their creator, and they tend to distract from your main purpose. If you really want to show off your programming skills, it is far more preferable to have a useful extra, like a shipping calculator or something relevant to your business.

Blinking images on website

Using overly technical language

Many business owners think that using long words and virtually unknown acronyms will make them sound like experts in their field. However, this usually serves only to scare customers away. If you want to show your competence and knowledge of your field, you can accomplish this by listing your credentials along with a list of references or work samples. In this case, actions absolutely speak louder than words.

Technical Jargon on website

Miles-long URL’s

. Your web customers should be able to remember your website address and type it into a browser. In order for this to happen, it must be related to your field, catchy, and short enough to be seen entirely without scrolling to the left or right. Having a long URL filled with gibberish will make people think that your site is unprofessional or that it is some kind of hastily thrown up scam.

Too long website URLs


There is nothing wrong with a few well-placed banners; people have come to expect them and they can, in fact, be a lucrative source of income for your business. However, these elements should never overwhelm or encroach into your website design. Keep a banner at the top and maybe one other inconspicuous web advertisement on each page. Avoid pop-ups or pop-unders altogether, as these annoy people enough that they are likely to leave your site and never return. Make sure your ads are tasteful and that there are no links to unsavory and immoral products or worse, your competitors. If your website is full of ads, it will appear to be yet another spamming site and annihilate your credibility.

Too many adverts on website

Stock templates and photos

Using an overused template will make your site appear amateur, which is probably not the impression you are aiming for. For best results, have a website design professional give your website a design that is uniquely yours. Ditto for photos; it is better to pay a small amount for a graphic that is not splashed across every website and have it add to your website’s aesthetic and professional appearance.

Using the same stock photos on websites

Using frames

Frames make even the best website design extremely difficult to use and even more difficult to bookmark or print out. Every click is an adventure because you just never know where you will end up. While frames might sound like a good organizational idea, they will only annoy and frustrate your users. You don’t want potential customers to think that you are overly complex or difficult to deal with.

Using frames on websites

No contact info

Your website design should include contact information such as your physical location, phone number, and email address in several visible and accessible locations. It should also have a feedback page and a place to ask questions. Not only will it give your website design a professional feel, but it will also allow you to collect important information about what your customers really think and want.


No call to action

Think of your website design as a business presentation. Do you present your information, then walk out of the room? Of course not. You always call for action and prompt your customers to buy, along with a course of action they can take to buy your product or service. Customers who view your informative and visually striking webpage should be offered an immediate next step, one that brings them into contact with you.

Avoiding these major website design pitfalls will help you end up with a professional website that will be taken seriously by everyone who views it. Not only will it bring traffic to your business that otherwise may not have found you, but it may also turn an impressive amount of this traffic into actual sales. Being without a website or having a poorly designed one can put you at a huge disadvantage in a market where a company site is as ubiquitous as a business card. Have a web design professional create a work of art that gives you and your business the upper hand in your field.

Setting up an online business is affordable and easy. You don’t need to learn the technical stuff (although it helps) like HTML advanced coding or programming. In some cases, you don’t even need your own product to sell because there are many affiliate programs like Clickbank and Commission Junction. (Sign up if you qualify, then use a chunk of code with your tracking ID, and you can sell their merchants’ products on your site.)

Bonus Mistakes To Keep An Eye On

The main problem now is how to design your website to attract your online customers. The term design sometimes deludes many entrepreneurs to focus on creativity alone. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Here are some of the common design blunders that may affect your online business:

No General Outline

Some entrepreneurs set up websites without knowing its importance or connection to their small business. You should have a clear purpose for putting up the website. Some use it as a support to motivate customers to visit their brick-and-mortar business while others rely on the website itself as the main source of income. This will greatly help you create an appropriate design and publish suitable content.

Too Techie

With thousands of cool fonts, eye-catching colors, and flashy web templates and flash logos, there is no limit to your creativity. However, it is not just about you and your likes but your dear customers. These things, while very creative, will often distract your online customers from reading your product offerings. Keep things simple yet effective.

Simple Things Matter

In our effort to come up with an attractive site, we might forget the basic elements such as the use of the back button, posting contact information, not checking broken links, and failure to update our website regularly. Learn what customers are searching for on a website.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.